Introducing The Plane Apparel Company USA

Jul 26 2019 0 Comments

We are so excited to announce Hourglass Lingerie will be partnering with The Plane Company USA! We have been working tirelessly with some of the creators and masterminds behind The Plane Company for many months, and finally all the efforts have paid off. We will soon be unveiling their designs and clothing on our website!  Hourglass Lingerie has exclusive rights to The Plane Company and all their attire, so if you see it and love it, know they bought it from us!

So how did this clothing line and brand come about you ask? A few years ago the founders families, who have long been good friends, came together to bring a new and much needed concept to the world, PLANE APPAREL. They shared a common goal to start a legacy that would serve their families for generations to come. The idea of using the word "Plane" in place of "plain" is such a great play on words that always sparked conversation!

The first PLANE design and one of the most important to date was PLANE SURVIVOR, in honor of a very close family friend battling cancer. This person was a war veteran, which spawned another PLANE design, PLANE AMERICAN! As he fought for our freedom he was now fighting for his life, and another battle won , he is now a PLANE SURVIVOR, see what they did here. Plane Survivor and Plane American, were the thoughts that got the ball rolling and will be released at later dates, but for now Plane Apparel is launching with Plane Sexy.   We are strong believers that these fighters deserve to have and wear this badge of courage and determination. One last tidbit, they decided the plane will always be pointed in an upward direction as symbols of faith and optimism! These little facts give us some insight about the individuals that created of The Plane Company as well as their values and beliefs, and the word "Plane" leaves the playing field wide open for so many fun ideas! Just wait and see what's next!

Get a Sneak Peak at some of the Plane styles below and find your favorite! In a size range from XS-2X, you are sure to find a perfect fit! Come in and get a bra fitting at Hourglass Lingerie and check out The Plane Apparel while you are here! It just makes Plane sense!  

We at Hourglass did our homework to ensure this line stood up to the quality and comfort that we hold to the upmost importance in our lingerie, and we are so proud to say they are all AH-MAZING!!! We are honored that THE PLANE APPAREL company shares the same beliefs as we do, and they chose us to be the voice for Plane Apparel! Quality and customer satisfaction are our #1 priorities, we are not happy unless our customers are. Take comfort in the fact that they practice what they preach and we wear what we endorse. If you see any of us in our PLANE APPAREL it's because it feels good and invokes positive, meaningful ,and most commonly fun conversation. Just know, not all of their garments will have writing on them. Some will just sport the icon, which is where we can have the most fun on this journey, using the old imagination.   We learned that keeping it PLANE SIMPLE was extremely entertaining and important.


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