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The Right Bra for Your Shape

Sep 15 2017 0 Comments Bra Fit

All breasts are not created equal. As a matter of fact, experts have identified several different breast shapes, and each type needs a different type of bra. It isn’t just the size of your breasts that count, but the shape. Are they long? Round? Symmetrical? Just like your breasts, bras are made in different shapes and sizes -- so it’s important to find the bra shape that coordinates with your breast shape. This is why finding the right cup size is only the first step to finding your perfect bra. So, once you’ve got your size in mind, go ahead...

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How to Find Your REAL Bra Size - And Why It Matters

Sep 11 2017 0 Comments Bra Fit sizing guide

Much like an ideal partner, your bra should be supportive, uplifting, and--most importantly-- non-constricting. Sounds like common sense, right? However, a whopping 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. According to a study by Wood, Cameron and Fitzgerald, 70% of women have been wearing bras that were too small and 10% of women wore bras that were too large. This can cause a whole slew of issues far larger than too much or too little fabric under that little black dress. Such as: Back Problems You’ve heard of big-breasted women having backaches from carrying the weight on...

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Brand Spotlight: Goddess

Sep 05 2017 0 Comments Goddess Adelaide goddess audrey goddess hannah Goddess Kayla Goddess Keira goddess lingerie goddess synergy

Every now and then we need to shed some light on some of our amazing, full-figure lingerie brands… When Dawn first had the idea to open a lingerie store for hourglass women, she and Ken went to the Curve Expo in Las Vegas to put the Hourglass Lingerie brand out there among industry pros. “When Hourglass opened, we began selling four of Eveden’s brands: Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, and Goddess. Even today, Goddess is still our highest selling lingerie brand, and it’s not hard to understand why.”  Dawn explains. Goddess has been in business for over 50 years, challenging the idea...

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