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Panache Sports Bras

May 03 2017 0 Comments 5021 Sports Bra 7341 Sports Bra Panache Sports Bra

Why Panache Sports Bras? I don't know how many times I decided on a exercise routine according to the support of my best  fitting sports bra, only to still be disappointed in the support or the soreness I have after.  When you  workout do you have the best songs downloaded, the best workout clothes or the best type  of shoe for that particular workout?  Why not do the same for your Sports Bra?? We tend to over look this part of our workout, slipping into any sports bra or one bought from a sporting good store, that compresses our boobs so tight we...

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A look at Freya Lingerie

Apr 19 2017 0 Comments Bra sized swimwear Freya Lingerie Sports Bras T-shirt Bra

FREYA ---LOVE YOUR FIT I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about one of my favorite brands, Freya.  Freya Lingerie isn't just lingerie, they offer everything from everyday bras to sports bras to some great bra sized swimwear.  Offering sizes up to a UK K cup(which is a US O Cup) so they do a great job of covering the various cup sizes.  Freya will give you that boost with their large selection of colorways and on trend fashion, specifically designed for the fuller busted lady in mind.  Freya bras are made to push the ordinary and take you...

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Swimwear Tips

Apr 14 2017 0 Comments

Swim Talk!!!   Yes, it's that time of year again when we all start thinking about how we are going to look in our swim attire after our long Winter hibernation and comfort foods.  Well, I can give you one AMAZING and PRICELESS tip that will have you looking FAB in that swim of yours!!  Yup, you heard me right!!!   THE PROPER FIT!!! Most Swimsuits have one clip closure therefor, it is imperative that you have the correct band size.  If you notice your breasts, decided to head South for the Summer, than it’s time for a smaller band! Now, with...

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