Looking for Side Support Bra?

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Our favorite side support bra here at Hourglass Lingerie is the Goddess Keira GD6090 UW banded bra.


Why is my band digging into my sides?

The main reason for your band digging into your side is your band is the wrong size, to small to be exact. If your bra is leaving painful indents on your side and possibly back, then your bra is probably too tight and you should try a larger band size. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum if your band isn't tight enough it can start riding up your back also causing unwanted back fat or bulging.

This is why getting a professional bra fitting every 6 months to a year is vital! Since the majority of your support comes from the band, it's important to make sure you're in the correct band size. When wearing a properly fitted bra you should never have any pain and especially no marks or indentations on your sides or back.

Fixing a band that is too tight is a pretty easy bra problem to solve, in most cases you just need to go up a band size! Keep in mind when going up a band size you will also need to adjust your cup size! If you have no issue with the cup size, go with your sister size! Example: If a 36C is too tight in the band but the cup fits perfectly, you would want to try a 38B. But why a "B" cup? When you go up in the band you must always go down in the cup size if you wish to keep the same cup volume.

I'm in the correct size, but why is my band still digging into my sides?

You've been fitted by a professional bra fitter and found your correct size but your band is still digging into your sides or skin is bulging out the sides? Maybe size isn't always the issue. Could the style of your bra really be the culprit of your ill fitting bra? ABSOLUTELY!!! A bra with a narrow band will surely cause bulging and even digging into your sides especially if your a fuller figured women or have larger breasts. In this case a bra with a wider band will be more ideal. Bras that have a wider band are commonly referred to as side supporting bras. Side Support bras help give a nice smooth silhouette and reduce painful indentations. Since side supporting bras have a much wider band and taller sides they help by taking some of the weight off your shoulders (LITERALLY) by distributing the weight of your breast more evenly throughout the band.

If your battling with painful red marks and an uncomfortable band, consider making an appointment with your bra fitter. Not only will she be able to help determine your correct bra size, she will be able to guide you in the right direction to finding the right style for your body type.