Bra Sizes

You’ve probably heard from the media that most women are struggling with incorrect bra sizes. However knowing that your bra size is wrong isn’t the same as knowing your correct bra size. This handy guide can help you better understand bra sizes in order to make shopping easier and your bras both more supportive and more comfortable.

Measuring Bra Sizes at Home

To start, you’ll need a soft measuring tape that you can wrap around yourself and to be wearing an unpadded bra. You’ll start by measuring your underbust. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor and round to the nearest whole number.

This number will give you your band size. Make a note of that number and then measure around the fullest part of your breasts, again keeping the measuring tape flat. This may be easier with help and most lingerie stores will have an attendant who is happy to help you. The difference between the two numbers will give you your cup size: a difference of one inch would give you an A cup, two inches a B cup and so forth.

Different Countries, Different Bra Sizes

However, you also need to know what the scale is for bra sizes. When does D go from double or triple D to F and so on. This can be especially tricky because different manufacturers use different sizing standards, based on the country they’re from. For more comparisons between US, UK, and European bra size scales, check out our sizing guide.

Professional Fitting

Sometimes this method won’t give you the most accurate bra sizes due to your particular build and shape. However, it is a great starting point for women who are at home trying to determine what their bra size is. If you’re struggling to judge your bra size at home, consider scheduling a fitting with Hourglass lingerie.