Bras For Chronic Pain

  Many women suffer from shoulder pain as well as headaches, back pain and nerve damage due to a wrong fitting bra. While 80% of your support is the band, your straps are still about 10% of the support. When wearing a properly fitted bra your straps should rest flat on your shoulders and should not dig into your shoulders.

The first thing you want to do is adjust the straps to your current bra. Its often that your straps may be to tight and just need to be adjusted for the right fit! If your straps are still digging into your shoulders then its likely that your band size is too small, go up a band size but don't forget to adjust the cups accordingly.  

Straps Falling off Shoulders

  One of the most dreadful bra problems, falling bra straps! Bra straps falling of your shoulders can be annoying, but they can aslo be one of the easiest fixes amongst all bra problems. And don't worry about trying to get those straps at the same length, it's common that most women have one breast larger than the other so you will have to adjust your straps for a more comfortable fit.

  Another reason your straps may be falling down is your bra is worn. After washing (remember not to machine dry!) and regular wear and tear on your bra eventually will cause it to lose its elasticity. The more wear on your bra the less support it will have to offer. So if you have adjusted your straps and they still keep falling, its time to do some shopping for your girls!