Bridal Underwear

Picking your bridal underwear is almost as nerve-wracking as picking out the perfect dress — and it can impact the way everything looks and how your wedding gown lays. Fortunately, Hourglass Lingerie has lots of options and choices for brides picking out their bridal underwear.

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Parfait Elissa P5017 Pearl White Low Back Bustier Longline

Most modern wedding gowns require a strapless bra. Longline bra styles work excellently as wedding underwear as they provide much better support than other strapless bras and also can smooth the torso and improve the line of your dress. Depending on the fabric of the gown, brides may be wise to wear nude underwear but under more substantial fabrics, brides can wear pretty white pieces for their bridal underwear or even their “something blue.”

Something important to keep in mind is to have your bridal underwear for any wedding dress fittings you go to. Your undergarments may change the way your wedding dress fits, smoothing out your torso, waist, and hips depending on what sort of shapewear you choose. This can change the sort of adjustments that your seamstress will have to make to make your dress fit perfectly — if you wear different undergarments for your fittings your dress may not lie correctly on your wedding day.

Your bridal style needs a great foundation; your look starts with your bridal underwear. Hourglass Lingerie is happy to help you find the perfect lingerie for your big day that is as unique as your body is.