Convertible Bra Straps

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Elomi Opal EL8660 Black UW Half Cup Bra

Convertible bra straps are a lifesaver when it comes to building your lingerie wardrobe. Bras are an investment and many women have to budget to purchase quality garments. Convertible bra straps are a great way to stretch that investment even further so you look and feel your best in all of your clothes.

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Freya Remix AS3955 Black UW Banded Halter Swim Bikini Top

Many bras with convertible bra straps can function with lots of different necklines. The bra is constructed with straps that detach with multiple hooks so they can be adjusted to whichever configuration is needed. Most bras with convertible bra straps function best as traditional bras but can also work entirely strapless. Common configurations include:

  • halter tops
  • one shoulder tops
  • straps that cross in the back
  • low-back styles

Convertible bra straps go a long way into making one bra serve lots of needs. They are great for travel and packing lightly. It’s much easier to save room in a suitcase if you don’t need to pack multiple bras. One can do under your blouse for a business meeting, with a t-shirt, and under your dress for an evening out. This is great no matter if you’re traveling light to go backpacking, trying to save space on a suitcase for a budget friendly trip.