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While corsets used to be the standard undergarment for adult women, they’ve now transitioned into a fun piece of specialty lingerie. Modern corsets can have lots of different functions. Some are primarily decorative and fashionable. They can be a fun piece of lingerie to wear for special occasions that can make you feel sexy and confident. Other corsets can function as wonderful foundation garments and shape wear.

Wearing Corsets

Corsets are great for special days or a special dress that must fit perfectly, such as your wedding dress or other formal gown. They smooth the waist and can provide an hourglass silhouette to your body. Corsets are also great for costume fashion: steampunk looks, dressing up for Renaissance fairs, and all sorts of costume party looks center on a corset.

Corsets vs. Bustiers

Corsets and bustiers have similar function and resemble each other from the front, but corsets are much more effective at shaping your figure. A bustier often resembles a decorative bra that extends to smooth the wearer’s midsection. A corset is most often — but not always — strapless and may feature laces at the back that can be tightened to cinch your waist in as desired.

Historical corsets have a reputation for being painful or potentially damaging, but that’s not the case for modern corsets when worn properly. In fact, if your corset is painful, you should loosen or remove it.

Corsets are a great piece to add to your lingerie wardrobe and suit everyone. Check out Hourglass Lingerie’s selection of corsets as well as bustiers to help amplify that hourglass shape.