Cotton Bras

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Anita 5026 Platinum Black Miss Ribbon Soft Cup Nursing Bra

Lacy, flashy bras are great for special occasions, and dramatic push up bras can be a great way to enhance the way an outfit fits, but sometimes the level of comfort offered by a cotton bra just can’t be beat. Cotton bras can provide more comfort than other sorts of bras made with fabric blends and supported by underwires. Decorations such as lace and bows can also be uncomfortable or itchy when pressed against the skin. Cotton is a great option for people who want undergarments made of natural materials, have allergies, or who have sensitive breasts that feel pinched in other types of bra.

When might I want a cotton bra?

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A woman might enjoy wearing cotton bras to sleep or for a day when she’s planning to lounge around the house or do simple chores at home. They’re great for when minimal support and coverage is all that you need. They may also be worn for light exercise focused on range of movement such as yoga, as they’re less encumbering than a traditional bra. Women with smaller breasts might even feel comfortable wearing one every day.

Some women have allergies to the sort of blends found in other bras which make cotton bras a great option. Others may be trying to go green and desire a bra made from all natural materials. In both cases, cotton bras are a wonderful solution that can provide support and comfort.

When are cotton bras inappropriate?

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Panache OV15 Red Super Camisole with Built in Bra

Cotton bras are not for everyone or all situations. Women who find bras with a lot of support built in more comfortable should probably opt for a different option. They are also not appropriate in warm climates or for use as active wear as cotton tends to hold on to moisture and dries slowly- potentially resulting in discomfort or an odor.

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