Desire for Larger/Smaller Breast

Desire for Larger Breasts

Many women desire a little boost every now and again. With todays knowledge in the fashion industy,achieving larger breasts is not impossible. From Push up, Moulded, Padded, Half Padded, Contour, and T-shirt bras to Breast foams and push-up pads adding a little boost is easier then ever before!

Breast Enhancing Bras

There are many bras out there today that help give that little extra boost, below are a few of the best styles to try when trying to achieve fuller looking breasts.

Breast Enhancement Accessories


Looking to achive larger looking breast is now easier then it ever has been! A few of the best breast enhancement options include;

  • Adhesive breast lift tape - designed to lift your breasts when you are going braless.
  • Push up pads- provides the ultimate boost for any bust line.
  • Gel inserts- for lacking cleavage or a solution for sagging breasts.


Desire for Smaller Breast

While most women usually are looking for a way to make their breasts look larger, some women with larger breasts are looking to get out of the spotlight, or even a way to have their shirts fit a bit better. A large bust can create an unattractive sillhouette in particular outfits, also give a woman an appearance that they are not comfortable with or isn't appropriate for certain cirmumstances.

Minimizer Bra

One way to reduce breast size would be a breast reduction. But since surgery can be costly and sometimes you may only want to reduce the size of your breast for a temporary period of time. A Minimizer bra will do just the job! A minimizer bra spreads and redistributes your breast tissue in a way that creates an illusion that your breast are one to two cup sizes smaller. I'm sure many of you ladies have come across trying on a blouse and absolutely loving it to pieces then, what's this, yup you got it... the buttons are gapping over your breasts. This is where minimizer bras can help, they redistribute your breast tissue throughout the cup so you are not as full in the front of the bra.

With Every Positive There Comes a Negative

Minimizer bras are not meant for daily wear they are to be worn occasionally to help flatter a particular outfit. Long term effects can come from consistant wear, such as sore breasts or nipples, stretching of the breast tissue from constantly being compressed. This stretching will cause long term "sagging" in the breasts. Furthermore, the straps of a minimizer bra are often slip resistant and made of fabrics that are stronger and more rigid, this will put more stress on the shoulders and in time that pain moves up your neck to your forehead causing headaches.

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