Lace Panties

Sometimes your lingerie can be the perfect confident boost, even if you’re the only one planning on seeing it. 

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Wearing a matching set of lace panties can be great under an interview outfit to instill you with the confidence you need, or can give you an extra spring in your step for an exciting date night. The great thing about lace panties is the versatility available. Almost any cut of panties can be made from lace, all the way from a thong to a pair of full coverage briefs.

Lace panties can be as simple as a sweet accent against the trim of a pair of comfortable cotton underwear — however those who are more daring might be comfortable in a pair that are completely made from lace. These lace panties won’t be ideal for every day: you’ll probably want something a little more comfortable if you’re planning a day with lots of physical activity or expecting that time of month, but full lace panties can be comfortable for days of casual activity.

Dressing up and wearing a fun set of lingerie, like a comfortable pair of lace panties,  doesn’t mean you’re expecting to anyone else to see them at the end of the day. However, it can be a fun confidence boost, especially  if you pick out a pair that suits your comfort zone.