Longline Bras

Not all bras are great for all occasions and sometimes a special dress requires a special bra. A longline bra is great for special occasions where a normal bra just won’t do and can function as both a bra and shapewear. In previous decades, they were the bra of choice, especially when wearing tight dresses, but fell out of fashion in favor of bras with softer cups. That said, longline bras still have a purpose and provide great support.

Longline bras are often strapless and continue down to your waist or hips for extra shaping and support. They are frequently worn as a part of bridal or formal wear, as they won’t show under the top of strapless gowns and still provide great support and coverage. The midsection panels create additional support- meaning you won’t have to feel as exposed as you might while wearing a strapless bra, worried about whether or not it will provide adequate support or not. The extra material means there is virtually no risk of your longline bra sliding down the way strapless bras can.


In times when you’re in need of some extra shapewear, a longline bra can be a great choice, especially if you wear briefs that overlap with the bra, preventing any unsightly bulges. The bottom of the bra is often boned to produce a corset-like effect that can bring in the waist while accentuating the bust and curves but providing much greater range of movement than a traditional corset would.. This can be great on your wedding day when you’re trying to slip into a gown meant to fit like a glove or when you need a little extra help dealing with bloating and water weight.

Longline bras are also great for your posture. The boning in longline bras makes it uncomfortable to slouch, so you spend more time standing up straight. This not only helps you look amazing, but can also help reduce back pain.

Longline bras require careful fitting ,and it can be difficult to find one that fits your bust, waist, and potentially your hips properly. Choosing a bra with more elasticity in the waist can help with this, at the cost of a bit of the support. You’ll be able to find a great longline bra to serve your needs with Hourglass Lingerie.

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