Uneven Breast

What causes Uneven Breast?

Breast Asymmetry is a medical term for uneven breast. Breast asymmetry is defined as a difference of form, position or volume of the breast. Generally, slight differences in a woman's breasts are of no concern. However, if the differences are greater than one bra cup size, an underlying medical or skeletal condition may be the cause. Uneven breasts are a very common concern amongst most women. In fact almost every woman has one breast larger than the other.


  Solution to Uneven Breasts

There are many easy fixes to help with uneven breasts. The easiest solution for an uneven breast is to wear a molded cup bra that is fitted to the larger size breast. Because this type of bra keeps its shape, this will hide the difference in the cup.

To fit both cups without spilling out the smaller cup, try a bra that stretches in the cups. You can use the shoulder straps to adjust the fit on each side. This solution works best for women whose breasts are less than one cup size different on each side. It is also the most convenient solution for uneven breasts.

Another great solution for those with a smaller cup size is to buy a padded bra with removable push-up pads, simply remove the padding from the larger side.  


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