Padded and Push Up Bras


Have you ever tried on a bra or clothing and thought, wow, this would be amazing if I just had a bit more lift or cleavage!  Do your nipples show through your bra and clothing that makes you feel a little uncomfortable?  Are your breasts more bottom heavy than top with leave you with a teardrop shape?

Padded bras can help with every one of these scenarios! A padded bra is a type of bra that ranges from a simple foam lining, thinker padding or pockets for padding to be added. The padding inside the bra adds fullness and helps lift your breast to create amazing cleavage and a fuller, firmer appearance. 

Not all padded bras are made to enhance the breast, some padding cups just contain a thin foam lining that helps create a nice rounded shape under clothing as well as providing modesty for nipple coverage. 

Padded bras can also help shape the breast adding volume to the breast, for example, some breast shapes may be fuller on the bottom than top, giving a sloppy appearance. Padded bras can help lift the breast tissue giving a much fuller and rounder appearance and silhouette. 

Whether you are looking to add volume or a hint of modesty a padded bra should be a staple in your lingerie drawer!