Finding Hourglass Lingerie

Hourglass Lingerie's Sign
Hourglass Lingerie's Building
Hourglass Lingerie Front Entrance


If you’ve ever driven past our address, you may have found yourself wondering if you were lost. There’s no confusion: Hourglass Lingerie is located in a small white home and neighbors with Lice Clinics of America. We are found in a prime location minutes from Towson Town Center and much more! The first thing you’ll notice when you approach our building is a lime green sign above the door. We like standing out from the rest!

Just under that sign is the entrance to our location. They may look like windows, but those are our front doors! If you wander into the lice clinic, we will still be able to find you. Navigating the confusing Towson roadways can be hard, so just give us a call if you have any questions and we can direct you the right way!

You will walk into our beautiful inventory storeroom filled with everything we have to offer. To the right is our office space, fitting room, and sexy lingerie selection. Our studio is bright and colorful, very inviting yet cozy! Also, our staff are very welcoming and fully aware of the reservations of trying on lingerie. Every body type is unique and beautiful and we want to assure you that this is a judge-free zone. We will make this an enjoyable time as well as an educational session, helping you understand how a bra should fit and feel.

Hourglass Lingerie Mannequin
Hourglass Lingerie Inventory Storeroom
Hourglass Lingerie Office/ Fitting Room


Here at Hourglass Lingerie, you’ll find a massive selection of bras ranging in sizes A-N cups, as well as panties and bra-sized swimwear for all body types. And best yet, you’ll get to meet us, and we’ll get to help you find the perfect fit for your every last curve!

Need more help finding our quaint storefront? Just call us! 443-869-5324

Hourglass Lingerie
604 Providence Road
Towson, MD 21286