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Boomba Body Tape Mega Beige

Boomba Body Tape Mega Beige

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BOOMBA's patented inserts are sticky on both sides, which means it sticks to your clothing and to your skin for extra security. Preventing nipple slips and staying hidden under clothing. Another great benefit of the double-sided adhesive is that there is no sewing required, simply stick the inserts onto the clothing item.

Since the inserts require no sewing, one pair of inserts can be interchanged between various tops and dresses. Traditional inserts (cotton) soak up too much water and if not sewn in, may move around. Silicone inserts are heavy and will slip and slide around when sweaty of wet. BOOMBA's double-sided adhesive design makes the inserts lightweight yet sweat and water resistant, allowing you to swim, run, dance and much more without budging.