Sports Bra Guide

Sports Bra Guide

Sports Bras are essential for every womens workout. Finding the proper fitting sports bra is the same and just as easy as mesauring for a regular bra. Use our Fitting Guide to help you with sizing. Size isn't the only thing you want to worry about when looking for the right sports bra. For maximum support, you want to choose a sports bra based off the type of physcial activity you will use it for. Sports bras are designed to minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to breast ligaments. When you move during exercise, so do your breasts. This repetitive bouncing can stress, stretch and cause permanent damage the ‘Coopers Ligaments’, the connective tissue that holds up and maintains the shape of your breasts, and can cause your breasts to sag and droop. To avoid pain and overstretching the sensitive connective tissue, you should always wear a sports bra during exercise.

Why Anita Active?

Anita Sports has broken ground with their Active collection with innovation that decreases breast movement and offers sweat management all while offering various levels of support. Each style of Anita Sports boasts it's own perk from seamless hydrophilic towelling, double layered seamless cups, side support, X-back design for extreme firmness, or high cut panel for extra support , which ever style you choose you are sure to get the same support and control along with a breathable mesh back to help keep you cool and confident when wearing Anita Sports bras. Anita Active is now available in cup sizes A-H.

Why Panache Sport?

Panache Sports bras stand out in the World of athletics and training as the must have Sports Bra, due to their multiple awards. Not only reducing breast bounce from your workout by 83%, Panache Sports bras also add a touch of style. The wide padded straps and silicone wrapped wires add that extra level of comfort, as well as support, and the bright colors with bold patterns ensure you will have something for every outfit! Panache Sports bras are available in B-J cup and band sizes ranging from 28-40 in their 5021 wired collection and D-H cups in non-wired 7341 collection.

Why Freya Active?

Freya Sport bras are designed with two levels of activity in mind, the dynamic and intense. Freya's dynamic-rated sport bras deliver complete support, yet are supremely lightweight, giving you freedom of movement. The Intense rated products are designed with High-tech Coolmax fabric, which helps to draw moisture away from your body as you move, keeping you cooler and promotes quicker drying time. Freya Active is available in B-H cup sizes.

Types of Sports Bras

Not all sports bras are made alike, and matching the right sport bra with the right activity matters. Before buying a sports bra think of the activity you will use it for, and how much support do you need? Sports bras have three impact levels- low, medium, and high. They are based on the amount of exercise, physical activity and the amount of support it will require.

Low impact is great for leisurely walking, weight training, biking, gardening, or yoga.

Medium impact would include power walking, hiking, skiing, golfing, skating, or elliptical training.

High impact includes running, aerobics, boxing, mountain biking, horseback riding, playing tennis, volleyball, soccer or other intense workouts.

Unlike regular bras, there is less emphasis on shaping, and more on support. Compression style sports bras actually compress the bust in order to help hold it in place while you're active. This gives you the "uni-boob" look, but the breasts are less likely to bounce around when they're tightly compressed. This is why many sports bras have this type of shaping for more active styles. New sports bra technology has brought about Encapsulation support. Encapsulation (molded) separates the breasts and supports each one individually within its own cup; providing maximum support and very little damage. Encapsulating the breasts prevents too much strain on the ligaments and tissues that can be caused by some compression style bras.

Need a new Sports Bra?

Wether your running, walking, or working out at the gym we got you covered, Literally! Shop our largest selection of Sports bras from brands like Panache Sport, Anita Active, Freya Active and more!