Lingerie for Men


Lingerie is a personal choice that every person gets to make on their own, and should never worry about ridicule or backlash. At Hourglass Lingerie we strive to make it our

daily goal to treat each person that walks through our door or submits an order online like Family. Remember that, being treated like a friend, someone taking the time to listen to your needs and doing what it takes to fulfill them. We do understand social prejudices and biases, that is exactly why we do everything in our power to make each individual feel comfortable and welcomed in our shop. If you find a piece of lingerie that makes you feel whole or sexy and maybe even a bit more positive about yourself or image, we are all for it. I mean who waved the wand in front of me granting the power to judge others and say what is correct or incorrect?

Through the years I have come across many men that have just loved wearing women's panties, bras or lingerie, for whatever reason they have it's their prerogative and I would be a hypocrite if I judged them for their wants, needs or desires. I am in the business of helping others whether it's to find the perfectly fitted bra or a special lingerie piece, for whoever and whatever reason.

My knowledge and experience has brought me to this page, to help men seeking lingerie or intimate apparel. I have made a compilation of thoughts and a picture guide of perfect panties and what I have seen men purchase in hopes it will ease the worry and doubt anyone else may have.


Parfait So Glam Bikini

"Men do wear girl's panties however, the men that do enjoy wearing panties and/or lingerie are almost always straight. Clothing does not dictate one's sexual orientation nor does it make him any less of a man. If anything the man who enjoys wearing panties full time has confidence and knows himself, and what he likes. You'd actually be surprised at how many men out there rock panties on a daily basis.  

Queen Star, Fashion Editor (2018-present)
"Crossdressing just isn’t a big deal these days you’ve got celeb men that you know are straight wearing all kinds of stuff. People just like to wear what they want."
"For me, it is normal to wear womens panties. I just find panties to be more comfortable with a little secret thrill between my girlfriend and I, and quite honestly... fun with all the variety of colors, patterns, and styles."
"I prefer the microfiber and other soft materials compared to just plain old cotton. A few things in particular I look for while shopping. 1. If I think the material will feel nice and comfortable. 2. The style. I prefer bikini. They seem to have enough material to cover the man bits. I've bought different styles; thong, briefs, cheeky, hipster and bikini feels most comfortable. "

" I took my best friend's sisters thong out of her hamper and I literally had to put it on there and then, I did and it gave me an instant erection."

"There are many straight guys who are not cross-dressers, but simply like the soft feel of panties"

"May men love wearing their girlfriends or wife's panties, it's kind of a special connection they have"

"Panties are FAR more comfortable than men’s underwear. I love the soft feel of the fabric and looser waistband"

Parfait So Glam Thong

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