Sleep Bras

While many women enjoy taking off their bra once they’re home for the day, it’s not routine for all women. For women with large breasts, trying to sleep without the support of a bra can be uncomfortable. Sleeping bras also can be a great option for women with roommates or dormmates to make those late night trips to the bathroom or kitchen less stressful. A sleep bra, purchased to be worn overnight as a part of your pajamas or by itself, is a great option to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible while you try to get your rest for the evening.

Parfait P5641 Dalis Charcoal Wire Free Bralette

Available in band sizes 30-42 and cup sizes D-H (UK)

Parfait P5482 Adriana Sapphire Lace Bralette

Available in band sizes 30-40 and cup sizes D-H (UK)

What is a Sleep Bra?

A sleep bra is a wire-free bra crafted from soft and breathable fabrics designed to offer gentle support without wires, making it ideal for nighttime wear. For women with larger busts, sleeping without a bra may be uncomfortable, and a sleep bra can provide the necessary support, helping to alleviate back pain.

Sleep bras can be found in padded and unpadded versions. Opting for a sleep bra with padding can be particularly beneficial for those with sensitive nipples, as the additional padding provides an extra layer of protection. On the other hand, sleep bras without padding are well-suited for warmer weather, offering enhanced breathability. If you're uncertain about your preference for padding, consider a sleep bra with removable pads for more versatility.

What Should You Look For in Sleep Bras?

The bras you prefer every day might not be a great option when shopping for a sleeping bra. The soft fabrics and seamless construction of sleep bras can help prevent chafing and irritation that might occur when wearing regular bras to sleep. The ideal sleep bras are underwire free and have no hooks or snaps that might aggravate your sleep. That said, support can make you much more comfortable — gravity pulls your breasts to the side when you lay down, and a supportive bra can be much more pleasant. Sleep bras also allow breastfeeding mothers to wear nursing pads, which can also be a convient comfort.

Sleep bras are more flexible than normal bras and may be sold with simpler sizes ( XS-4XL) as the measurements for sleep bras don’t have to be as exact as with a push up bra or a strapless bra. When choosing a sleep bra, choose one that’s comfortable for you: a soft cotton or satin similar to your pajamas is often your best bet.

Our favorite wire free bras for large busts are from Elomi and Goddess. The Cate and Keira have flexible side boning for additional support and comfort, and will keep the girls in place all night!

Elomi Cate EL4033 Latte Soft Cup Bra

Available in band sizes 36-48 and cup sizes B-G (UK)

Goddess GD6093 Pearl Blush Banded Wire Free Bra

Available in band sizes 36 56 and cup sizes B-H (US)

Why Wear a Sleep Bra?

A sleep bra is a soft, comfortable bra specifically designed to be worn during sleep. While not everyone necessarily needs a sleep bra, there are a few reasons why some individuals might consider using one:

  • Breast Support and Comfort: For women with larger breasts, a sleep bra can provide gentle support and help reduce discomfort that might come from breast movement while sleeping or lounging. This can be especially important for those who are sensitive to breast pain or tenderness.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant individuals might find a stretchy sleep bra beneficial due to changes in breast size and tenderness during pregnancy. A sleep bra can offer some support and alleviate discomfort as breasts undergo changes.
  • Post-Surgery: After undergoing breast surgery, such as augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction, a sleep bra can provide necessary support and help with healing by minimizing movement and reducing irritation.
  • Sensitive Nipples: For individuals with sensitive nipples, a sleep bra made from soft and breathable materials can help prevent friction and discomfort that might occur when the nipples rub against fabric during sleep.

Ultimately, the decision to wear a sleep bra is a personal one and depends on individual comfort, preferences, and any specific needs or concerns. If you're considering buying a sleep bra, it's a good idea to choose one made from breathable, non-restrictive materials to ensure your comfort during sleep. As with any clothing or lingeie choice, finding what works best for you is key. If you have specific concerns or medical conditions, it's a good idea to consult a healthcare professional or one of our bra experts at Hourglass Lingerie

Sleep Bra Misconceptions

When it comes to breast health, wearing a bra to bed has been the subject of many wives' tales. Some say it's helpful, others say it's harmful, but luckily we're here to get to the bottom of it and dispell some of these common sleep bra myths.  

  • Sleeping in a bra causes breast cancer: Contrary to popular belief, sleeping in a bra will not stunt breast growth, reduce circulation, or increase your risk of breast cancer. As long as you wear a soft, well-fitting bra, there are no negative health impacts.
  •  Wearing a bra to bed will prevent sagging: There is no scientific evidence suggesting that wearing a bra to bed has any effect on breast size, shape, or position on the chest. Several factors such as aging and weight fluctuation can lead to breasts sitting lower on the chest, however wearing a bra has no impact on these factors.
  • Wearing a bra to bed will cause sagging: The idea behind this misconception is that sleeping in a bra will weaken the breast tissue, thus causing sagging. However, just as there is no evidence suggesting that bras will prevent sagging, there is also no evidence supporting the opposite.

Whether or not you decide to wear a sleep bra, you can rest easy knowing that there are no proven negative effects on breast health, allowing you to make your choice based on personal comfort and preference.

Maternity and Nursing Sleep Bras

Sleep bras are often recommended for pregnant and nursing women as they can provide some support during the night and make breastfeeding more convenient. The Anita 5097 Lollipop Bra is the best of both worlds, with a drop-down opening for nursing and wire free, seamless, (adorable) material for a comfortable sleep. Check out our blog full of other maternity and nursing bras we love.

Parfait Rain 5842 Porcelain Nursing Bra

Available in band sizes 32-44 and cup sizes D-H (UK)

Cute and Cozy Contenders

Whether you're lounging around, sleeping, or traveling, it feels great to have subtle breast support, even better when its stylish. Discover how to pair your comfy bra with Travel Clothes and Undergarments that are Cute and Comfortable to maximize chic, relaxed comfort.

Comfy yet supportive, this seamless wire free bralette looks and feels perfectly smooth under clothing (or by itself).

  • Pocketed double lined wire free comfort cups
  • Smooth and seamless under clothing
  • Removable lightly padded foam cups
  • Modern decorative lacing
  • Available in band sizes 32-40
  • Available in cup sizes C-H
  • UK Sizing

Dare to bare in Snapshot in a bold hot pink.

  • Sheer mesh cups with elongated apex for on-trend look
  • Structured mesh for support
  • Internal elastic seams for support and anchorage
  • Fixed fully adjustable straps to prevent strap slippage
  • Available in sizes XS-XL