Balconette Bra


Sometimes we are looking for just something sexier in our everyday bras, or needing a boost in our breasts.  Maybe you are looking for a bra that has all the lift and support as you full coverage bra but less material so you can finally wear those lower cut tops and dresses. 

A balconette style bra is exactly what you have been searching for!  This bra is what most women reach for when they are seeking a sexier bra or needing a little less coverage. 

The balconette bra offers all the lift and support as a full coverage bra but the versatility of less material and a deeper V neck.  In a full coverage bra the cups come up like a triangle , wider on the bottom and more narrow up top. The balconette cuts off the top part of that triangle, leaving just the lower half across the breast.  This shape creates a beautiful sweetheart neckline, that is flattering and functional! 

If you find you are more shallow up top on your breasts and don't quite fill out full coverage bras, this is the perfect style bra for you.  Balconette lingerie generally has side support which helps push the breast tissue forward and up, creating a fullness of the breast where once was shallow. 

Find your perfect balconette shape and fit at Hourglass Lingerie, or book an appointment for a professional fitting to find what style bra works best for you!