Large Cup Size Guide

What is a Full Cup Size Bra?

Full cup size bras fall into two categories: full-busted and full-figured. So what exactly is Full bust and Full-figured? Full busted is described as someone who has a small band measurement and a large cup size measurement. For most brands this starts at a D cup and can go all the way up to a K cup and for some brands a N cup. For band sizes, full busted customers tend to range from 26 to 34. Full-figured is the Plus size version of full busted. These customers are plus size, but exceptionally curvy. Band sizes for full-figured lines usually start at a 36 (occasionally at a 34) and go up from there. Cup sizes start at a D cup and up.

Large Cup Bra Sizing

The biggest recorded bra size is an astounding 102ZZZ. Most women's busts are not nearly that big, in fact the average American bra size is a 34DD. Keep in mind that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, so this figure is likely to be a little inaccurate. Most full-busted bra manufacturers produce bras up to a K cup (or an O in US sizing). Of course it's possible to be larger than that, but sizes above a K cup typically have to be custom made.

Large Cup Bra Fit

No matter what size you are, getting the right fit for your bra is essential. 80% of the support comes from the band so it's important to make sure you have the right size. The band should fit snugly and lay parallel to the ground. You should only be able to fit two fingers between you band and your back. For the cups, there should not be any spillage over the top, sides, or bottom. If this occurs, you need a bigger cup size. If there is any gapping or wrinkles in the fabric you need a smaller cup size. The gore (center band of your bra) should lay flat against your sternum. If your bra does not lay flat, you will need larger cups. Your underwire should competely surround your breast and lay against the chest wall. The underwire should never dig into chest, underarms or breast. When you first purchase your bra the hooks should be set on the loosest row, this allows you to tighten the bra as the elastic relaxes over time.

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Choosing The Right Bra

At Hourglass Lingerie we specialize in Full bust and Full-figured lingerie because we know finding the perfect fit isnt easy for us girls with curves. When it comes to picking the right bra for your large bust, there are a few design elements to take into account. When looking at bras, take note of the band and strap widths. Back pain is a common issue among those with large chests, and choosing a bra with wider straps and band will help provide more support to alleviate any discomfort.

Some of the best plus size bras we carry here at Hourglass Lingerie are the Goddess Keira and Goddess Kayla Collection. Keira and Kayla are available in underwire, soft cup, longline and nursing, and in a variety of beautiful and fun colors and prints! Keira and Kayla offer Full cup coverage, and a wide back band that helps to smooth out your figure and the arched center panel gives even more comfort for higher tummies, setting this bra as the ultimate fit for any full figured gal! Goddess is US sizing and available in large cup bra sizing up to a N cup! Elomi Cate is another great option when looking for plus sized bras. Elomi Cate provides full coverage, a superior lift, side support and mesh sheer top cups to keep you cool and confident. The inner sling and firm wings provide extra support and forward projection while the wide back strap and center pull provide a nice smooth silhouette. Elomi is UK sizing and available in large cup bra sizing up to a K cup!

If full coverage isn't your cup of tea, we carry a wide variety of plunge and balconette styles that are perfect for full busted and full figured women.

Our Favorite Large Cup Size Bras

Elomi Cate - Latte

Band Sizes: 34 - 46

Cup Sizes: DD - K (UK)

Additional Colors: Black, White, Raisin*, Rosewood*

Goddess Keira - Black

Band Sizes: 34 - 46

Cup Sizes: DD - N (US)

Additional Colors: Ink, Fawn, Pearl Blush, Nude, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Damson*

Anita Bobette - Ruby

Band Sizes: 32 - 46

Cup Sizes: B - J (US)

Panache Envy - Black

Band Sizes: 28 - 40

Cup Sizes: D - K (UK)

Additional Colors: Chai, Navy, Cornflower*

Parfait Casey - European Nude

Band Sizes: 30 - 44

Cup Sizes: D - H (UK)

Additional Colors: Black, Denim*, Black Floral, Nautical Blue*

*Limited stock available