Your First Teen Bra

Getting your first teen bra can feel like an overwhelming experience. How do you know when you need one? What kind do you need? What should you be looking for in a teen bra? Are your developing breasts normally? All of these questions are perfectly normal, and we can clue you in.

Do I need a teen bra?

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Do you feel like you want a bra? If so, then the simple answer is: yes, you’re ready for your first teen bra. Girls decide to start wearing a teen bra for a wide variety of reasons. Some do it because their breasts are starting to develop and they need a little bit of support that a teen bra provides. Others are self-conscious about the way their chest looks in shirts and want a teen bra for security. And some just feel like getting a teen bra is a rite of passage that’s appropriate at a certain age. There is no right or wrong answer!

What kind of teen bra should I buy?

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Teen bras come in all styles, sizes, and even colors, so there’s sure to be something that will work for you. If your breasts are still early in development and just starting to bud out, a training bra or bralette is probably your best choice for your first teen bra. These will allow you to get used to the feeling of wearing a bra and provide a bit of coverage and light support without the weight of heavier materials and underwires. They often come in pretty patterns and colors, so you can find something that suits your personality!

Once your breasts develop further, you’ll want to move away from training-style teen bras into bras with cups and possibly underwires. These bras are more sturdily constructed than the lightweight teen bras you’ll start with and are designed to provide more coverage and support. You may not need an underwire if your breasts are smaller; there are soft-cup options outside of the starter teen bra styles. However, as your breasts develop, you may find that the security and support of an underwire helps you feel more comfortable.

How do I know what size teen bra I need?

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It can be embarrassing to get fitted for your first teen bra, but this is a crucial step and one that you’ll need to repeat as your breasts grow. The majority of grown women are wearing the wrong bra size, so be sure to keep up with the process through your puberty and even into adulthood.

Teen bras may come in traditional band/cup measurements (such as 32A and so on), or they may simply be sized in small, medium, etc. The key to finding the perfect teen bra is simply quantity: set aside some time to go shopping and try on lots of different styles, sizes, fabrics, and cuts until you find one that works for you. Any woman will tell you than an uncomfortable bra can ruin your day, and it’s no different with teen bras!

If you’re getting sized for a bra with a band/cup measurement, there are two components they’ll measure you for: your chest just under your breasts where the band will go, which becomes the number (30, 32, 34, etc.), and how large your breasts are in proportion to that measurement, which gets translated to a cup size (AA, A, B, C, and so on).

To check to make sure your teen bra fits, check a couple of spots. Does it dig into your ribs, or does it sit snug but comfortable? Does it ride up under your breasts or stay in place? Do the cups cover your breasts to comfortably? Do the straps dig in, slip down, or feel secure? Remember that, in many bras, there are hooks that can adjust the band tightness, and strap length can be adjusted too. See what works for you!

Teen Bra vocabulary

When you’re starting out with your first teen bra, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Here’s a quick vocabulary lesson to help you tell the difference between different kinds of bras:

A training bra is probably the most common type of teen bra. Generally made of soft, light material, they provide simple support and modesty.

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Sports bras are also often seen as teen bras, although adult women often wear them too. They’re made of breathable fabric and are constructed sturdily – though without underwires – to keep breasts supported and comfortable during workouts and other athletic activity.

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Underwire bras are just what they sound like: bras with a small wire built into the bottom of the cups. These are especially good for breasts that are a little bit larger, but many women with small-to-medium breasts find their security comfortable as well. These may also include push-up bras, which have padding and structure to make breasts appear larger or sit higher, T-shirt bras, which are designed to give a smoother appearance on the chest, and strapless bras, which are constructed to give support without straps for dresses and tops that are strapless, halter, or otherwise reveal the shoulders.

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Soft-cup bras are molded to cup sizes, not fashion sizes like bralettes or training bras, but they’re made of softer materials and do not have an underwire. They’re a great teen bra if your breasts are a little larger but you don’t need or want an underwire.

Teen Bra: Colors, details, and other things to know

A teen bra is likely to come in a wide variety of colors and even patterns. Once you start buying sturdier women’s bras, you’ll probably encounter other details like lace and bows. While these details are fun, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It’s always a good idea to keep a stock of teen bras in neutral colors: something close to your skin tone is always the best choice. These are your go-tos, the ones that go under any outfit. A teen bra in a dark or bright color can be fun, but make sure to wear them under darker clothes, or they’ll show. The same goes for lace and ribbon details: wear them under clothes that aren’t tightly-fitted or thin, or the bra will show through. Always try on every bra you buy, but especially when it comes to lace or similar materials: these can be itchy if they’re not well-made!

Buying a teen bra should be a fun experience, even if it is a little awkward and new! There are plenty of resources to help you find the right teen bra, including bra fitters in stores and your own mom, sisters, or aunts. Take a look at all your options, and have fun finding the teen bra that’s best for you!