Travel Clothes That Are Cute AND Comfortable

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As the summer winds down, a whole new kind of travel season is on its way. From fall vacations to the holiday season, many of us will be packing our bags and heading to new places. When it comes to travel, comfort is a must. After all, no one wants to spend hours on a plane or in a car wearing clothes that aren’t comfortable. But, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for that comfort. Dressing stylishly and comfortably will not only boost your mood on the day of the big trip, but it will also ensure that you’re ready for any road trip stops or post-flight dinners. Plus, rumor has it that arriving well-dressed for your flight just might result in an upgrade. If nothing else, it will certainly result in you feeling ready for adventure.

Here are some essential travel clothes that are just as stylish as they are cozy:


A Comfy Top

Sweatshirts and casual tees are everyone’s go-to choice for travel. You might consider a sweatshirt over a t-shirt, or a t-shirt and jacket or cardigan combo, as dressing in layers will allow you to add and remove clothes based on your environment. Choose a shirt made of breathable material, like cotton, along with a soft and trendy sweatshirt or pullover.

A quick glance at the Neiman Marcus website reveals a variety of oh-so fashionable looks. With sweatshirts from household names like Under Armour, Varley, and even Gucci (yes, Gucci makes sweatshirts!), there’s something for every budget. Who knew your sweatshirt could be runway ready? When it comes to color, don’t forget that black is not only sleek, but it’s also the most forgiving for those accidental drink spills. If cardigans or jackets are more your thing, look for something long that you can settle into on your flight or road trip. You might also want to take advantage of a piece with plenty of pockets!


Chic Bottoms

Forgo the pajama pants in favor of stylish, comfy activewear like our reflective twist leggings by Freya. Activewear is all the rage right now, and these sporty pants are fit for travel with their breathable panels and moisture-absorbing finish. If activewear isn’t your thing, try a pair of loose-fitting jeans or slacks. Palazzo pants are another trendy option.


Simple Shoes

While traveling celebrities often show up at the airport decked out in 4-inch heels, most us would prefer elegant ballet flats or stylish sneakers for our day in the air. The best part about wearing something bulky like sneakers when you travel is that you don’t have to worry about them taking up valuable space in your suitcase. If you’re going to be on a lengthy flight, be sure to pair your chosen shoe with a safety essential: compression socks. These socks are designed to help improve your circulation while you spend so much time in your seat. You can find compression socks in patterns and in solid colors.


Add a Fashion Statement

Complete your travel look with a versatile scarf. You’ll be warm during cold travels, but when the temperature rises, you can bundle the scarf up to use as a pillow! Choose a scarf in a color or design that makes your outfit pop. For instance, if you’re wearing black activewear, give a bright red scarf a try. These days, some scarves, like this Samantha Brown travel scarf, even have pockets. Besides, there’s just something about a scarf that really ties your whole look together — it’s practical and fashionable.


Don’t Forget About What’s Underneath!

Your lingerie can make or break your comfortable travel outfit. If you’ve chosen to wear activewear, you might consider donning a breathable, supportive sports bra like this air-controlled sports bra by Anita. There’s also this Goddess soft cup, wire-free bra to go under those chic t-shirts. For the bottoms, seek out comfortable cuts like boy shorts, briefs, or hipsters. This classic hipster by Freya is positively divine. And don’t forget about the Anita Bralette in Lollipop too adorable not to grab as your on the go bra for comfort, and don’t mind the maternity part that just means more comfort for you!

Having trouble deciding on the best lingerie for your trip? Stop into visit our experts at Hourglass Lingerie. We’ll get you ready for take-off. Just look for the blue door!


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