Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts

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Getting the proper support when exercising is essential no matter the size of your bust, but finding a sports bra with enough support can be a challenge for large-breasted individuals. You may have heard that if you have a large chest you should wear two sports bras or wear one that's a size too small, but we're here to let you know that it's possible to find a sports bra that'll be comfortable to wear while also giving you enough support for any kind of physical activity.

Before You Get Started

Figure out your proper bra size

For your sports bra to give you the support you need, you must be wearing the correct size. Wearing a sports bra that's too big won't be able to effectively reduce breast movement leading to more discomfort and less support. A sports bra that's too small on the other hand can reduce your level of movement due to discomfort and inhibit breathing. The best way to figure out your proper size is to measure yourself or get professionally fitted for a bra at a specialty lingerie store.

Look for a sports bra with traditional bra sizing

When buying a sports bra, you should look for one that sizes by band and cup. Bras that are sized as S, M, L, etc. don't take into account the highly variable nature of breast and band sizes and can be hard to gauge when looking at size charts online.

Levels of support

Sports bras come in three levels of support: low, medium, and high. The level of support is determined by the structure of the material and level of coverage. Low-support sports bras will use lighter materials, whereas high support sports bras will use firm material and be full coverage. The level of support you'll need depends on the intensity of your physical activity. Exercises like Pilates or light walking will only need a low-support sports bra. Exercises such as hiking or cycling will require a medium-support sports bra, and HIIT workouts or running will need a high-support sports bra.

Sports Bra Styles

Compression vs Encapsulation

Compression sports bras work by pressing the breasts tightly against the body to reduce movement. These sports bras can sometimes create an undesirable "uni-boob" appearance. Encapsulation sports bras separate and support each breast individually with moulded cups reducing movement by up to 83% and creating a more natural and defined look.

Pull Over vs Hook and Eye Closures

Sports bras with hook and eye closures will provide more adjustment ability so you can get the perfect fit. Your band is where most of the support comes from so it's important to have it fit properly. You'll also notice that your hook and eye closure sports bras will last you a lot longer than pull-over bras. This is partly because there will be less stretching when clasping in the back versus pulling a bra over your head. Additionally, as your sports bra inevitably does stretch with time, you will be able to clasp it on a tighter hook to get the same fit as before.

Racerback vs Straight Straps

Racerback sports bras can help with your posture and provide a bit more extra support than sports bras with straight straps. You also won't have to worry about your straps falling if you have sloped shoulders or otherwise have issues with our bra straps staying up. Choosing a sports bra that can convert into a racerback is a good option for those who want the choice of straight or crossed straps.

Underwire vs Wire-free

Sports bras with underwire will provide you with the most support which is important when you have large breasts. Wire-free sports bras, however, can be more comfortable and still provide enough support if your level of activity isn't too high.  

Our favorite sports bras for large breasts

Band Sizes: 28 - 40

Cup Sizes: C - J (UK)

Additional Colors: Digital Bloom, Latte, Black

Impact Level: High

The ultimate sports bra specially designed for the full-busted women combines comfort, and maximum support and reduces bounce by 83 percent. Wide padded straps disperse pressure on the shoulders for extra comfort. Smooth inner molded cups reduce friction and improve comfort. Underwire are wrapped in silicone and sewn between fabric layers for comfortable support. A firm underband anchors the bra to the body. Lightweight microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and breathable mesh panels keep skin cool. Rather than compressing your breasts against your rib cage like most sports bras, the Panache sports bra individually encapsulates each one-lifting, shaping and supporting from all sides.

Band Sizes: 32-46

Cup Sizes: D - K (UK)

Additional Colors: Nude, Black, Vintage Denim

Impact Level: High

Like the above entry, the Energise sports bra from Elomi is an underwired encapsulation sports bra. A clever j-hook on the straps offers a choice of straight straps or a racerback look for all of your active needs, and four-section cups offer extra support and separation. Extended band sizes also make this sports bra perfect for full-figured women. Minimize bounce and get amazing support in this underwire sports bra.

Band Sizes: 34 - 48

Cup Sizes: C - I (US)

Impact Level: Low to Medium

Synergy by Goddess bridges rest and play, providing great comfort and support as a dual-purpose sport and relaxation bra. Black with red detailing gives this bra an energising sporty look. The Synergy sports bra is great for full-busted and full-figured women

Band Sizes: 32 - 40

Cup Sizes: C - H (UK)

Impact Level: Low to Medium

The Wave sports bra from Parfait is perfect for large-breasted women with mobility issues who need a low-impact sports bra. The front zipper closure makes putting on a sports bra easier for those who have difficulty clasping bras in the back.


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