What is a minimizer bra?

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As their name suggests, minimizer bras are designed to minimize the appearance of your bust. A good minimizer bra can reduce your bust by up to an inch or more and make your bust appear 1-2 cup sizes smaller.

How do minimizer bras work?

Minimizer bras reduce the appearance of your bustline by redistributing your breast tissue to the sides and bottom of your bra instead of up and to the front like regular bras. By pushing everything down and out, minimizer bras are able to create a smoother and smaller silhouette.

What to look for in a minimizer bra

Full Coverage - For a minimizer bra to be effective, it should cover the entire breast tissue, which means you'll want to look for a full-coverage minimizer bra.

Support - A minimizer bra should have wider, reinforced underwire and thick straps for maximum support and comfort.

Seamless - You should look for a minimizer bra with few seams and smooth fabric to create the best silhouette under your clothes.

Make sure when getting a minimizer bra that you buy from a high-quality brand. Poorly made minimizer bras can compress unevenly, leading to undesired bumps and spillage. A well-made bra will also last you a lot longer than one from a low-quality brand which may fall apart after a few wears.

It's also important to get the right size bra. You may think that getting a size down will minimize your bust even more, but wearing a bra that's too small can cause issues such as back pain, breast soreness, circulation problems, and more.

Who should wear a minimizer bra?

Although they are typically worn by those with full busts who want to reduce their size, minimizer bras can be a great wardrobe addition for every bust size.

If you experience gapping when wearing button-up shirts or excess fabric pulling around the bustline, the reduced side profile created by a minimizer bra can greatly improve the fit of your clothing.

Additionally, if you, like most of us, have breasts that are different sizes, wearing a minimizer bra can help even out that asymmetry.

Who should not wear a minimizer bra?

Like any other bra style, minimizer bras won't work for everyone. Because minimizer bras push your breast tissue to the side, those with already wide breasts may find that minimizer bras over-exaggerate that wide shape.

Additionally, those with narrow shoulders may find that the wider silhouette created by a minimizer bra makes their bust look disproportionate to their shoulders.

As with any style, the best way to figure out if a bra works for you is to try it on. Not all minimizer bras are made the same, so it's good to try a few styles before writing them off entirely.

Our favorite minimizer bra

Parfait Enora 5272 European Nude Minimizer Bra

Band Sizes: 32 - 44

Cup Sizes: C - H (UK)

Additional Colors: Charcoal, Sapphire

The Enora minimizer bra from parfait is specially designed for full-busted and full-figured women to reduce bust size by 1-1.5 inches. All-over jacquard lace adds a feminine touch while maintaining smooth cups for a seamless appearance under clothes.


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