Bra for Asymmetrical Breasts

Are you concerned that your breasts are different sizes? Have no fear, having uneven breasts (also known as breast asymmetry) is so common that many woman deal with it! The difference is usually less than half of a cup size, however some women have a noticeable size difference of a full cup size or more. Thankfully, many companies have began manufacturing bras for asymmetrical breasts.

There are many easy fixes to help with this, so read ahead to hear our favorite tips for dealing with this common issue. There are even options for custom bras for uneven breasts.

Try a Molded Cup Bra

  The easiest solution for slightly uneven breasts is to wear a molded cup bra. These bras are fitted to the larger size breast, hiding the difference in size without compromising your look.

The Parfait Jeanie 4812 Molded Plunge Bra Black holds shape forever, so the difference in breast size will stay unnoticeable.

This style is especially helpful to women with naturally larger breasts who desire the extra support of a bra with underwire, but don't want their breast asymmetry to be showcased.

Try a Stretch Cup Bra

A stretch cup bra does a great job fitting uneven breasts without the larger breast spilling into the smaller cup. In these bras, the cup stretches to fit each breast, even if they are different sizes.

It's really important to consider what material your bra is made out of when buying. The Anita Rose Faia Twin 5490 Desert Maximum Comfort Underwire Bra is made out of breathable microfiber that will adjust much better to size differences than a bra made out of a non-stretchy material. Another material to consider when purchasing a bra for asymmetrical breasts is memory foam. Memory foam contours to your body, so you won't be left with a bra gap. This allows for a seamless, natural fit.

 You can also use the shoulder straps to adjust each side so it is perfectly fit to your body. This solution works best for women whose breasts are less than one cup size different on each side.

Try a Padded Bra

Another great solution for those with a smaller cup size is to buy a padded bra with removable push-up pads. The Parfait Casey 2801 European Nude Plunge Molded Bra works well by giving your smaller breast a lift so it is even with the larger one.

You can choose to either keep the padding in both sides for an on-demand lift or remove the padding from the larger breast side to help even out the appearance of the uneven breasts.

Because bras with removable padding are so customizable, they keep you comfortable all day!

Bras for Uneven Breasts

Whether they be lopsided, uneven, or asymmetrical- our fit experts at Hourglass Lingerie can help you find the custom fit! We would love to help you out in a judgement-free and caring environment.

To schedule your appointment, visit Book an Appointment or call us at 443-869-5324 today to find that perfect bra you have been looking for! Our fittings are free, personalized, and guarantees you will walk out the door with your exact size. We promise you will not be the first (or the last!) to come in looking for a solution to this VERY common struggle.