How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

It may seem like everyone is trying to make their breasts look bigger these days! Here at Hourglass Lingerie, we empathize with our bigger-bust ladies that are looking for a way to tone down their cleavage. We know lots of cleavage isn’t always desired with certain outfits, and sometimes it can even be seen as inappropriate. We want you to love your breasts, but also be comfortable and confident in your own skin! Continue reading to learn our top tips on how to make your boobs look smaller.

Have Your Bra Fitted

The very first place you should start- whether trying to make your breasts bigger or smaller- is making sure you are wearing a properly fitted bra. This is especially important for larger-busted women, as an ill-fitting bra will almost always make your breasts appear larger in an undesirable way. If you’re doubting your bra size, or just want to double check, head to our bra Sizing Guide or come on in to Hourglass Lingerie for a personal 1-on-1 fitting!

Minimizer Bra

Once you are certain your bra fits just right, if you still need a little downsizing, a minimizer bra will often do just the trick. The worst feeling is when you’re buttoning up that new blouse and just as you hit the breasts, the buttons are gapping. All women with larger breasts know that pain!

This is where the minimizer bra comes in handy. A minimizer bra spreads and redistributes breast tissue enough to create the illusion of up to two cup sizes smaller.

Bras for large breasts are our specialty, so our top-pick minimizer bras are the Elomi Smoothing EL3911 Nude Underwire Seam-Free Bra and the Goddess Yvette GD6750 Sand Banded Molded Underwire Bra.

Don’t forget that minimizer bras are only meant for special occasions, not daily wear. Wearing a minimizer bra too frequently can cause soreness and pain in the breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are seriously struggling with your oversize breasts and need a permanent solution, talk to your doctor about possibly getting a breast reduction surgery. We hope that with help from Hourglass Lingerie and our large-bust expertise, we can help you before it ever gets to this point, but this ultimately is the last step if nothing else helps.