Favorite Maternity and Nursing Bras of 2018

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Favorite Maternity and Nursing Bras of 2018

Whether it’s your first year nursing, or you’re a breastfeeding pro, we can all agree that the right nursing bra makes all the difference when it comes to your support and comfort. Of course, pregnancy brought a host of changes to your body, with a few of those changes sticking around even after the birth. You may feel like your breast size is constantly fluctuating. With so many changes taking place, it’s essential to measure your bra size often, and to seek out high-quality maternity (before birth) and nursing (postpartum) bras.  

A Baby Changes Everything!

Since your rib cage expands during pregnancy, you might have found yourself surprised at your suddenly increased breast size. Hormones also may have contributed to pain and discomfort. Even the smallest-breasted mommas often find themselves with a whole new chest as they prepare to breastfeed their new little one — and with a need for a supportive bra.

Not just any bra will do. You’ll need a proper nursing bra that can be fitted with nursing pads, so as to avoid any milk mishaps. Of course, your rib cage will ultimately return to its normal size, as will your cup size, which gradually returns to normal throughout the first year after your baby’s birth (usually even if you continue to nurse past your baby’s first birthday). This is another reason why re-measuring is important, as a poorly-fitted nursing bra will compress your breast, which can lead to problems with your sensitive milk ducts.

Before Baby: The Maternity Bra

One of the most recognizable, early symptoms of pregnancy is sore, painful breasts. During this time, while you may not be quite ready for the nursing bra, a comfortable alternative to your regular bra is a maternity bra.

With their soft cotton, stretchy top cup, and extra row of band hooks, maternity bras are made with the sensitive breast in mind. Our selection of maternity bras will carry you through pregnancy (literally!) until it’s time for the traditional nursing bra.

Just check out our Anita wire-free maternity bra (5168):

This simple, sleek black bra is perfect for expectant mothers seeking comfort and style.

Nursing Bras: Finding the Right Fit

Shopping for a bra during your third trimester probably doesn’t sound like the most appealing idea, but this is around the time that it’s recommended you select a nursing bra or two. At the point, your breasts will have usually reached a stable point during your pregnancy. You may decide to select a bra that is one cup size larger than normal, so as to accommodate your breasts once your milk comes in. Later, you will likely want to buy a few more nursing bras to fit your changing postpartum shape, but shopping late in your pregnancy is a good way to feel prepared for when the baby comes, and before your time (and energy) to shop becomes quickly limited!

It’s also important to take practical considerations into account when making your bra purchase. You will likely need to wash your nursing bra more often than your pre-pregnancy lingerie, for instance. This might inform the number of nursing bras you decide to purchase, and when. Some women, particularly women who experience leaking breasts, even opt to sleep in their bras. This is another area where comfort becomes all the more important.

Types of Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are made to take all of this, and more. Just as with any lingerie, you can choose your own style of nursing bra, as well as a nursing bra for a specific need, such as overnight wear, or extra band hooks. The most important thing in choosing your nursing bras is your own comfort, confidence, and support. A nursing bra should stretch easily to accommodate your breasts.

Check out some essentials from our 2018 nursing bra collection:

Anita Black Summer Nursing Bra (5059)

Anita Maternity is a terrific option for your nursing bra needs. This bra offers seamless cups, providing optimal comfort for sensitive breasts, complete support, and soft underwiring.  

Anita Lollipop Seamless Non-Wired Nursing Bra (5097)

If you prefer a non-wire option, the Anita Lollipop nursing bra may be just for you. This bright choice provides both style and comfort, with textured polka dots and a lacy trim alongside an extra-wide, drop-down opening, making your breastfeeding experience a breeze.

Anita Skin Underwire Nursing Bra (5068)

This nude option will make a great addition to your nursing mother lingerie. Supportive and breathable, this nursing bra is the perfect t-shirt bra, with high performance microfiber and unlined molded cups. This bra also features one-handed nursing clasps and tailored underwire, providing ease-of-use and support.

Panache Sophie Nursing Bra (5821)

With constantly changing breasts, it’s easy to lose confidence. The Panache Sophie nursing bra in ivory and pink will lift your spirits. Made to support the full-figured nursing mother, this bra provides wireless, easy support with nude, 3-part cups beneath a stunning lace overlay. This bra has all of the elements to give you the comfort and support you need as you nurse, along with some sensuality during a time when it isn’t always easy to feel sensual.

Goddess Keira Wire-free Nursing Bra in Nude (GD6092)

This Goddess Keira Nursing Bra in a classy beige is available in a wide variety of cup and band sizes. This nursing bra favorite features 4-part cup construction, a side support panel to prevent the dreaded "side spill," and plastic clasps to make nursing a cinch.

Let Us Help You Prepare for This Exciting Time

This is just an overview of the wonderful options we have in stock for you this year as you prepare for such an extraordinary time in your life. While browsing our maternity and nursing bra guide will certainly assist you in your search, we also encourage you to stop into our building in the artsy warehouse district of Baltimore, so that we can determine the right fit for you in person. Just look for the blue door!  


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