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Favorite Maternity and Nursing Bras of 2018

Jul 12 2018 0 Comments maternity bras nursing bras pregnancy bras

Favorite Maternity and Nursing Bras of 2018 Whether it’s your first year nursing, or you’re a breastfeeding pro, we can all agree that the right nursing bra makes all the difference when it comes to your support and comfort. Of course, pregnancy brought a host of changes to your body, with a few of those changes sticking around even after the birth. You may feel like your breast size is constantly fluctuating. With so many changes taking place, it’s essential to measure your bra size often, and to seek out high-quality maternity (before birth) and nursing (postpartum) bras.   A Baby...

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The Truth About Back-Smoothing Bras

Jan 02 2018 0 Comments back smoothing leotard back bras nursing bras t-shirt bras

Back bulges are a frustrating problem for hourglass women. As soon as you put on your bra and look in the mirror, you see it, a protruding roll at your back beneath the bra brand. Because of this, many women seek out “back-smoothing bras,” with features intended to reduce or prevent the appearance of back fat rolls. But what are back-smoothing bras? Do they actually work? There are a few back-smoothing bra styles that can lessen the appearance of back bulges. Fantasie Smoothing FL4510 Black Moulded T-Shirt Bra T-shirt bras are so named because they’re designed to fit discreetly beneath...

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Brand Spotlight: Anita

Oct 13 2017 0 Comments anita nursing bras rosa faia sports bras

At Hourglass Lingerie, we offer the best large cup lingerie brands in the industry, because we’ve been there. We know how difficult it is to find quality large cup lingerie. Last month, we placed the spotlight on Goddess, our number one bestselling brand. Today, we’re here to talk about Anita, the brand Dawn calls our “largest, best-selling maternity lingerie line.” Anita has been in business for over 130 years although, of course, the brand has changed over time. When the company first opened in Dresden, Germany in 1886 they were known for selling elastic braces and orthopedic body belts. Plus-size...

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