One-Piece or Two-Piece: Which Do You Prefer?

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When it comes to bathing suit season, it’s easy to see the racks of colorful bikinis that fill the stores, and conclude that this is the style of choice when it comes to popularity. The truth is that your options are much more open, with one-pieces, two-pieces, and the many styles in between available for whatever suits your own individual comfort level and needs.

Are Bikinis America’s Favorite Swimsuit?

You might be surprised to learn that a 2013 poll found that 53% of U.S women said they were opting for a one-piece swimsuit that year, with 29% donning a tankini, and just 18% selecting the classic bikini. A closer look at the data reveals that the majority of women chose one-pieces because they felt the style better suited their figure, while the majority of two-piece wearers didn’t feel the suit was right for their shape — they just enjoyed the style.

We all see the magazines each summer promoting tips to ‘get your body beach ready.’ But, what if your body is already beach ready? What if the only thing standing between you and the bathing suit of your dreams is good support, proper fit, and confidence?

You Can Wear Any Suit That Suits You!

This misconception that one-pieces are flattering, but not stylish, while two-pieces are stylish, but only flattering to a very specific type of figure, is simply wrong. Everything is dependent upon the type of suit, with brands like Freyaproviding bra-sized swimwear that offers the support you need in the popular fashions and trends you love. Being able to shop by your bra size means owning swimwear that fits without the problems that make us think we can’t wear the suits we love. No more sagging tops or bottoms that ride up, whether you’re swimming laps or relaxing by the beach.

Look for Bra-Sized Swimwear

We offer bra-sized swimwear for one-piece, two-piece, and tankini looks, with a large size range that takes away the struggle so often associated with swimsuit shopping. Once you’ve determined your bra size, you can effortlessly select a suit in the same size, making shopping for a swimsuit fun again. You’ll love exploring our brands and styles!

Bra-sized swimwear allows you more options, you are able to select a separate top and bottom size making this option more versatile and easy to suit your body type and personality.   Two piece swimsuits now come in so many styles, it’s super easy to fit any frame. Plunge and halter tops allow you to show off your top while high waisted briefs offer a bit more coverage.   If you have a top you prefer not to focus on, opt for a high neck crop top or something with ruffles to give the appearance of more size, then focus on your bottom with tie side or brazilian style briefs.

Whatever you feel your stronger points are two-piece suits allow you that flexibility!

As you shop, it’s important to throw away the rules, and focus on what feels right for your body and personality. If you’ve always wanted to wear a certain type of swimsuit, give it a try!

What About the Tankini?

Some women prefer more coverage, while others prefer less, but if you’re one of those women who are somewhere in the middle, the tankini may be a new and different option for you. Often forgotten in the world of bikinis and one-pieces, the tankini is a two-piece that provides a little more coverage in the tummy area, effectively giving you the best of both worlds. The tankini is a comfortable, flattering choice for those of us with fuller busts and figures. The halter tankini, in particular, is designed in a way that will enhance your chest area.

This suit is also interesting because you can select your bottoms, just as you can with a bikini or other two-piece, giving you the opportunity to further customize your suit. You might choose to pair your tankini top with a swim skirt for more coverage, or bottoms with adjustable sides for the perfect fit.

Go With Your Instincts!

At Hourglass Lingerie, we love your curves! That’s why we have supportive swimwear that will boost your confidence, and allow you to feel comfortable exploring the styles you’ve always wanted to try. There’s truly something for everyone in our selection of one-piece and two-piece suits, so that your only worry this summer is about where to position your beach chair!

Check out our options online, or, better yet, visit us in person. We’re in the warehouse district — just look for the blue door! And, let us know in the comments — what is your favorite swimsuit style? Is it a one-piece or a two?


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