Your Body is Already Beach Ready

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As summer approaches, we begin to hear the familiar antics of being “bikini ready” and the need to work on our “summer bodies”. This time of year is also when diet dreams start and very quickly, end. Summer should be the time to have fun in the sun, take vacations, and just overall enjoy your life. But often it’s the time for self-conscious feelings, over-spending on tanning bed packages, and staring at the swimsuit pieces that look like they were made for a child, regardless of the Women’s XL tag attached.

Luckily, at Hourglass Lingerie, we believe that your body is already beach ready! And we’re here to help you feel that way. There are a couple things to do to get you feeling your best for the upcoming skin-showing season.

The Proper Swimwear

Let’s be honest, for just about anyone, swimsuit shopping can be dreadful. All that skin that we so desperately try to hide - it’s out there for all to see. However, there are several options when it comes to swimwear that can have you feeling comfortable and sexy. The right fit and right amount of support can make all the difference. Look for suits that provide the proper amount of support for the girls. If you’re looking for a two-piece, a bikini top with padding and underwire can offer bra-like support with swim-proof coverage. Check out Elomi Essentials' plunge bikini top When it comes to bottoms, look for a wider, higher waist bands, like mid rise briefs, to help streamline your figure.

The Proper Undergarments

Having a bathing suit that you feel killer in can make a huge difference in your summer. However, we don’t live in our suits! Clothing tends to change once the temperature starts going up. Hemlines get shorter, straps get strappier, and it’s time to get creative with our undergarments. We need discrete support that let’s us bare our shoulders, without baring our bra straps! A good quality strapless bra, like this one from Elomi can open up the possibilities of your wardrobe. If you’d like strapless but with a bit more shape, try a corset which does the work of a strapless, push up, and shapewear all in one, sexy piece. This basque from Goddess is one of our favorites.

The Finishing Touches

Even if you have the perfect bathing suit, and the most sexy, supportive underwear, hardly anything boosts your self-confidence like revamping your outer appearance. Head to your favorite salon and try a new hairstyle, get a mani/pedi, buy some new make-up, or go to your favorite store and treat yourself to a new sundress. You deserve it!

By investing in yourself, and your wardrobe, you can approach the summer season with confidence. We know that most modern-day media says you have to be a certain size to enjoy summer, but here at Hourglass our mission is to make every woman, no matter her size, see that her body is already, and is always, beach ready. If you’d like a consultation to find your perfect bra or bathing suit, just give us a call at 443-869-5324.


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