Slimming Bathing Suits For Every Body Type

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For many, summertime means trips to the beach, pools, waterparks. These social occasions are usually a blast, and we enjoy carefree mental images of lazy days lounging on the sand with a good book and plenty of sunscreen. However, they also come with a bathing suit which can bring out complicated feelings for a lot of people.

Some people struggle with finding a bathing suit that fits correctly, while others can’t seem to find one that flatters their body. There’s also the uncomfortable feelings many women get as they flip through a magazine and see images of a body type that isn’t realistic for everyone. Instead of stressing about having the perfect beach body, know that a bathing suit is a chance to show off your best assets. There’s a great bathing suit out there for everyone if you know what you’re looking for.


Eye Catching Details

Ruffles and busy patterns tend to make certain body parts look larger which you can use to your advantage if you wish — they can make your curves seem more pronounced. If you are trying to emulate an hourglass figure, you might also want to consider a suit with strategically placed cutouts. These fun details can help emphasize curves. Another fun trick is to wear an asymmetrical top to help create interest and balance out broad shoulders.


Adjustable Ties

If you have a bit more body fat, you may want to opt for a bathing suit that features adjustable ties- at your hips, at your shoulders, or as a halter strap. Adjustable suits are great because they can help ensure a custom fit- meaning your suit fits perfectly and doesn’t dig into your body in any way that can be unflattering. “Wider hips can also try tie side briefs. These are custom so it won't make a bulging mark at the hips,” Dawn from Hourglass Lingerie explains. Bonus: this avoids the discomfort of a suit digging in to your body.


Extra Coverage

If you prefer a more modest look or if you are uncomfortable with certain parts of your body, know that there are more coverage options available and there are lots of ways to look great without forcing yourself to try on a teeny tiny bikini. Tankini styles like the Freya Swimwear Spirit Top are great if you want to break up a long torso or want more coverage on your upper half. Short legs can be balanced out by a high cut brief style bottom. A swim skirt like the Elomi Essentials Skirt is also a pretty, flattering way to achieve more coverage on your butt and thighs.


Bra Sizing

If you’re worried about the fit of your top, you should avoid styles sized by ‘Small, Medium, Large’ and instead opt for styles that use bra sizing. This is especially important for women with large breasts. Styles with bra sizing allow for a much more precise fit which is both much more flattering and much more secure. Definitely keep this in mind if your summer plans include a trip to a waterpark involving fast moving water slides.

Remember that while you may have goals to change your body, you should always love the body you have and dress for your current figure- this can ensure you always look great and give you a confidence boost. Pair that confidence with a smile and your favorite sunglasses and you’re ready for a fun summer day in the sun.


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