Bridal Lingerie Dilemmas: Sewn In Cups or Strapless Bras

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You fall in love with a beautiful dress and you know it’s the one for your wedding day. It fits like a glove and is exactly what you’ve daydreamed about wearing: but it’s low cut, to the point where you aren’t sure you’ll be able to wear a bra with it. This can be a big source of panic for many brides who don’t know what the best option is for them. Strapless bras can provide great support, but can be uncomfortable and might still show depending on the style of dress.

Some brides opt for sewing cups in, but that doesn’t provide as much support as a bra and that can be scary for brides. Keep reading and consider all of your options when it comes to picking your wedding day lingerie. This advice can also be kept in mind for other formal dresses like prom dresses and homecoming gowns for girls getting their first taste of formal wear.


Pros and Cons of a Traditional Bra

If you think a traditional bra will be the most comfortable option for you, but are worried about the band of your bra showing, you have more options than just altering your dress. You can also see if your seamstress could alter a well-fitting bra to work with the neckline and back of your dress. This is a great option for women who need more support but love the look of the bodice of their dress and don’t want to risk changing it. Wearing a bra, even if it’s not the sort you find the most comfortable normally can go a long way to make you more confident, especially if it offers some lift and shaping that suits your dress.

Many dresses will work with strapless bras — in particular, strapless longline bras are excellent for providing shape and work well with many silhouettes. If you’re cringing at the thought of a strapless bra, remember that the reason so many strapless bras are uncomfortable and don’t stay is because many women don’t wear the right size. Having the right size on should be much more comfortable.

If you prefer going the bra route, keep in mind that you’ll want to pick a bra that is the same color as your skin tone or as close as you can get. Most lingerie specifically marketed toward brides is white, but a bright white bra will show through some fabrics, even if it is white on white. A nude color that matches your skin tone is almost impossible to notice; if you fall in love with the look of a white bra, try it on with your dress in bright light and sunlight to make sure the bra doesn’t show through.

A wonderful strapless bra to consider when looking for a great bridal piece is the Curvy Kate Luxe CK2601 in Biscotti. The color blends right in with skin tone and the shape is absolutely beautiful. Luxe’s support and lift is unparalleled to most strapless bras on the market, and added bonus, this strapless is easy to wear!  Curvy Kate really struck gold with their Luxe Strapless Bra.


Pros and Cons of Sewn In Cups

If your dress is completely backless or you find bras uncomfortable in general, you may be considering having your seamstress sew cups into your dress. These can be great for some brides but do have some drawbacks: many brides with larger breasts may not feel supported. Some brides with smaller breasts may worry about their dress shifting around and exposing them without a bra to conceal everything.

However, sewn in cups may be the best option for you and you have options to consider. The sewn in cups can have different levels of padding, from a mild layer of cotton all the way to rival a push up bra. Sewn In Cups work best if your dress has boning in the bodice. This provides a lot of support for the breasts which is particularly important if you have a large chest. Boning tends to be flattering over all: it will smooth out your torso and can provide an effect similar to a longline bra or a corset. A great option to sewn in cups is having your bra sewn into the dress, the Goddess GD0689 was made for this intent, it can easily be sewn into dresses and the back can be folded down to be sewn lower if needed.

Do you think a traditional or strapless bra might be right for you, but you want to make sure you have the right size before you go forward? Come see our experts behind the blue door at Hourglass Lingerie for a consultation, or call us at 443-869-5324.


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