The Perfect Honeymoon Lingerie

Aug 06 2018 0 Comments be wicked goddess honeymoon lingerie

You’ve pulled off planning your wedding without pulling your hair out. Your cousins didn’t fight, the DJ didn’t play three hours of line dances, your cake was beautiful, and your dress zipped up without a hitch. Now it’s time to go on your honeymoon — which probably also took a bit of stressful planning.

What you wear outside of the bedroom greatly depends on where you’re going: a ski trip is going to be a lot different than going scuba diving or exploring a European city. However, we’re here to discuss what you might want to wear under your clothes and at night — we’re talking about honeymoon lingerie. If you don’t often wear special occasion lingerie, this might feel daunting or uncomfortable, but we’re here to talk you through your options and make sure you feel sexy and comfortable.

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