The Perfect Honeymoon Lingerie

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You’ve pulled off planning your wedding without pulling your hair out. Your cousins didn’t fight, the DJ didn’t play three hours of line dances, your cake was beautiful, and your dress zipped up without a hitch. Now it’s time to go on your honeymoon — which probably also took a bit of stressful planning.

What you wear outside of the bedroom greatly depends on where you’re going: a ski trip is going to be a lot different than going scuba diving or exploring a European city. However, we’re here to discuss what you might want to wear under your clothes and at night — we’re talking about honeymoon lingerie. If you don’t often wear special occasion lingerie, this might feel daunting or uncomfortable, but we’re here to talk you through your options and make sure you feel sexy and comfortable.

Something Blue

This is something to keep in mind for your wedding day. Depending on your bridal style, you might have blue somewhere in your look: pale blue shoes or sapphire jewelry are popular choices for brides to go with their Something Old, Something New, and Something Borrowed. If shades of blue aren’t in your color scheme, it’s popular for brides to wear pretty blue lingerie beneath their wedding gowns. Hourglass Lingerie can help you pick out the perfect Something Blue to work with your gown, keeping you supported and making you feel beautiful.

Bridal White

Bridal white is popular for the wedding night and the rest of your honeymoon. What this means is likely different for everyone. This could be a pretty babydoll, a matching bra and panty set, or a corset. While it’s definitely fun to wear something special for the occasion, keep your own comfort zone in mind- there’s no need to wear something oozing with sex if you’re uncomfortable in it. Something too costume-y might just be distracting and uncomfortable instead of making you feel sexy for a special occasion. Keep in mind that your wedding lingerie might only get pulled out for special occasions — perhaps your anniversary?

Sexy Black

Black lingerie is classic and is a little less “bridal,” but this isn’t a bad thing and is great to keep in mind if you just want to stock up on lingerie to fill out your wardrobe. Hourglass Lingerie features sexy options for all bodies, including plus sizes which are often forgotten by other retailers. Pops of color are great to mix in — anything that makes you feel sexy and confident.

Utility Pieces

When you’re getting ready for your honeymoon, don’t forget that whatever you wear throughout the day might need a particular undergarment. One of the most likely things to come up is a strapless bra or other adjustable bra to accommodate a top or dress with an unusual neckline. Your choice of honeymoon spot will likely influence what sort of undergarments you need. It might not be sexy but if you’re going to a cold climate, don’t forget to wear something warm like thermal underwear. Otherwise, pack useful, comfortable clothing so you can enjoy whatever your plans are. Sexy underwear is fun, but it isn’t always practical for wearing outside of the bedroom.

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