Troubleshoot Your Bra Size (And Shop Correctly)

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Chances are you’ve had the awful experience of an ill-fitting bra – maybe it doesn’t sit right on your back, or the cups don’t support you, or the wire pinches. You’re not alone! Many women are improperly fitted or are unaware of the options available to them. It’s time to troubleshoot some of the most common bra issues.

Problem: The front of the band is popping up

The front of your bra’s band should lie fairly snugly against your chest. A little popping up might happen, depending on several factors, but it shouldn’t have a large gap.

Solution: Try a smaller band or a larger cup size

This problem isn’t necessarily about the size itself, but about the proportion between the band and cup. If your cup is too small, your breasts push the bra away from your chest and create that gap. If your band is too large, it hangs and gapes in the center. Experiment with a couple of different band and cup size combinations to find one that fits just right.

Problem: The dreaded “spillage”

Especially in women with larger breasts, the breasts can sometimes leave their designated territory and spill out of the top, sides, or even bottom of cups.

Solution: A full-coverage bra or a larger cup size

This is mostly a sizing issue! First thing is first, make sure you are in a large enough cup that encapsulates all of your breast tissue. The breast tissue should be completely inside the cups and wires. Also, the center of the bra (gore) should be touching your chest wall (not stuck in between your boobs). If these things are not happening your cup is too small. Once you get the sizing squared away and you still are not comfortable in the amount of “skin” that is showing you may want to opt for a full coverage bra. Full-coverage bras are designed for situations just like these. The key is finding a bra with a cup that comes high enough up and to the sides of your breasts to provide the coverage you need.  

Problem: A band that digs in or rides up in back

Across your back, your bra band should sit comfortably without leaving a mark when you take your bra off.   It should stay parallel around your body without riding up your back during the day.

Solution: Replace the bra or try a different band size

Over time, bras stretch and wear out, and one of the biggest signs that it’s time to replace an old bra is when the back band begins to ride up. However, if you’re having this problem and it’s not an old, worn-out bra, then you might have chosen a band size that’s a little too big – try going down a size. You will be amazed with the support you gain just from having a band that fits correctly. Just remember, going down in the band means going up in the cup!

On the other hand, if you have a bra that’s digging into your back, causing discomfort, bulges, or red marks, it’s probably a result of the opposite problem: a band size that’s too small. A wider band may also be more comfortable and supportive.

Problem: The bra chafes or rubs, even when it’s the right size

The first solution to chafing is to check that the size is perfectly fitted – but what to do if this doesn’t solve the problem, and you’re still stuck with discomfort and itching?

Solution: Try bras made of different materials or cuts

Sometimes, the fix can be as easy as a cup that is cut just a little differently to avoid a particularly sensitive patch of skin. Other times, the fabrics themselves are to blame. With a wide variety of textures and materials used in bras, it’s worth the time it takes to find a fabric that you feel comfortable wearing.

Problem: The straps keep sliding down

We’ve all been there: going about your day, and before you know it, your bra strap is halfway down your shoulder. And no matter how many times you put it back, it just keeps happening.

Solution: Tighter straps or straps set closer together

The quick fix is to tighten the straps. Even if this strap length worked for you previously, straps will stretch out over time and require more adjustments. But if you have narrow shoulders or the straps on your bra seem quite wide-set, you might want to consider a style that has more close-set or criss-crossed straps. Just remember tightening the straps isn’t the solution to try and gain support.

Finding a bra that fits well is one of the most important things for your style and comfort. What works for others may not suit your body – everyone is a little bit different. Be sure to get fitted properly and try several styles until you find your perfect fit!

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