Lingerie Shopping Tips For Every Body

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Shopping for a great bra can be a nightmare — women might feel haunted by uncomfortable, unflattering bras that don’t seem to do much for their figures even though a friend swears by that style or they see glowing reviews online. The answer is that not all bras are great for all body types. The secret to looking and feeling great in your lingerie is knowing which styles and fits work with your body.

The first tip that most people will benefit from is to wear a bra with an underwire for the added shape and support. Some women are frightened off by underwires, citing discomfort; however often when women find underwires uncomfortable it is because they aren’t wearing the correct size bra or the shape of the bra doesn’t work with their body type. If the cup of the bra is too small, the underwire can cut into the breast tissue. If they’re too big, your breasts may slip out from underneath the bra, leaving the underwire to press into you. Bras with a too large cup will often poke into the skin of your arms — a very uncomfortable experience. This can also be fixed by choosing a bra with a smaller “smile”: a fun way to think of the shape of your underwire.

Women sometimes tend to shy away from padded bras, especially women with a large bust, often saying they don’t feel like they need to “add anything up top.” This comes from a misunderstanding of padded bras. Padded bras generally consist of a thin layer of padding that can increase modesty and improve shape. They generally don’t modify size.


Petite Women

Petite women may find themselves most comfortable in a “bandless” bra. These bras don’t have any extra material under the cups. Dawn advises, “The extra material tends to roll up and be uncomfortable and that can cause a rash for petite women. A bra with an arched center front can help women with higher tummies be comfortable.“ The Nina Bra and the Amelia Bra are both great options that short waisted women might look to so they can feel comfortable and confident in their undergarments.


Tall Women

On the other hand, tall women or women with a long torso can benefit from a longline bra. A longline bra will help with support and smooth the body down. Longline bras also have the advantage of helping to break up a long torso which may make your legs look longer. You can find anything from Parfait’s Elissa bustier longline or Freya Fancies longline bra.


Unlined Seamed Bras

Many women shy away from unlined seamed bras in favor of bras with molded cups for fear of the seams showing through their clothes. However, these bras offer great shape and support while looking very natural. Manufacturers are also working to reduce the appearance of seams and improve modesty under clothes. That said, it’s important to remember that generally, everyone already knows you’re wearing a bra and if you love the shape a bra gives you, a seam showing through your shirt isn’t much of a reason to not wear it. Cate and Raquel are both great Unlined Seamed bras that will provide you with a great shape while letting you feel sexy.


Strapless Bras

Many women dread buying strapless bras almost as much as they dread wearing them. As Dawn says, “Strapless bras are wonderful especially in summer but in the wrong size these are a nightmare! Pulling, tugging, bouncing around.” Lingerie is best when you forget that you’re wearing it which can be hard to do when you’re constantly adjusting it. It’s especially important for a strapless bra to fit perfectly: the band should be very snug. To check and see if your strapless bra fits appropriately, make sure that you can fit two fingers beneath the band but no more. This should ensure that everything is a perfect, comfortable fit.

No matter what your body’s specificities, there is the right bra out there for you somewhere. You just have to put aside your misconceptions about different types of bras and experiment. Need help? Come see our experts behind the blue door at Hourglass Lingerie!


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