Panties for Men

Panties for Men

Oct 17 2019 0 Comments best panties for men boyshorts briefs highwaistedbriefs lace panties lace panties for men Panties panties for men satin panties satin panties for men sexy panties sexy panties for men sissy panties for men thongs womens panties for men

I want to touch on a topic that doesn't get talked about that often or seems taboo. In my past few years as a professional fitter I have been asked to be fitted by many men, I am very open and accommodating to the fact that men enjoy wearing women's lingerie, especially panties for men. This is thought of something "normal" in the crossdressing or transgender World, however, there are many straight men who just love the look and feel of women's panties. Men's underwear are basic either briefs or boxers, hey there's even a boxer brief! How often do you see lace panties for men, satin panties for men, or even just sexy panties for men? Women know and understand how a great panty can make or break your day, and when you find the perfect fitted panty that has a touch of elegance or lace to it, the angels sing! I want men to know there is a place they can go to find women's panties for men as well. Sexy panties for men should exist and men should wear them proudly! Where would you ever be able to walk into a store and find lace panties for men, nowhere, so that's why you have us. I put together a small cheat sheet of the best panties for men, of course, merely my humble opinion. Feel free to review it and let us know what you think! Or browse our website for other great fits!

Keeping It Brief!

High Cut

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