Panties for Men

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Finding the Best Panties for Men:

We want to touch on a topic that doesn't get talked about much and also often seems taboo. In our past few years of professional fitting, we have been asked to be fitted by many men. We are very open and accommodating to the fact that men enjoy wearing women's lingerie, especially panties for men!  

This is a very normal subject in the crossdressing and transgender worlds, but there are many straight men who also just love the look and feel of women's panties. Men's underwear are basic; either briefs or boxers (hey there's even a boxer brief!) How often do you see lace panties for men, satin panties for men, or even just sexy panties for men?

Women know and understand how a great panty can make or break your day. When you find the perfect fitted panty that has a touch of elegance or lace to it, the angels sing! We want men to know there is a place they can go to find panties for men as well. Sexy panties for men should exist and men should wear them proudly!

We have put together a small cheat sheet of the best panties for men to feel confident and sexy. Continue reading to check it out! Feel free to review it and let us know what you think, or browse our website to find other great fits!

  High-Cut Brief

High-Cut Briefs are the perfect addition to any man's lingerie closet. They rise a bit higher on the midsection to hold everything in place and provide a slight shape wear effect. High-Cut Briefs are full coverage while still very sexy and sleek. They are also typically made of comfortable materials that won't bother you throughout the day.

Beautifully styled with a smooth body, mesh accents and high cut leg openings make this panty a must have for any guy seeking fuller coverage. Perfect for holding everything in place throughout your day while staying comfortable, this brief one of the best panties for men.



"Fantastic option for men seeking a classic fitting panty, that is supportive and offers all day comfort. The lightly-lined front offers great coverage and support for the crotch area!"

This high cut brief offers everyday comfort and beauty with a soft and stretchy satin finish. It has some stretch but not too much and will hold you firmly in place. The clean lines and lustrous fabrics bring to mind an old Hollywood pin-up style.

"Beautiful panty with a nice full back and comfortable leg openings. The natural waistline does not roll and the leopard print adds just the right amount of sexy."


Regular Briefs feature a little less coverage, which leads to a bit more options in clothing styles. They still offer the same comfort and coverage as high-waisted, but with a shorter front and back. Lots of men prefer Briefs because they are more accommodating for most clothing options.

This brief is crafted with stretch fabric that is refined and luxurious. It also features a seamless, streamlined look to perfectly complete any collection.

"If you are seeking a lower and sexier panty, this will soon be your go to, the panty really is quite comfortable and the nice seamlessness is just the right amount of comfort. "

Casey flaunts your curves with a new seamless brief. Body-smooth fit with no panty lines adds comfort and beauty. Covered elastic crotch panel ensures fit and comfort.

"Beautiful simple coverage with a sexy seamless back and front, love the wide leg openings in this panty."


Boyshort panties are named for their similarity to boxer briefs, meaning they are a great starter piece for men transitioning to wearing women's panties! They cover the hips and most of the buttocks, making Boyshort panties on of the more modest selections

Soiree Lace is perfect for everyday and special occasions. Luxurious geometric stretch lace adorns the short style, complete with a half moon charm. Comfortable stretch lace accommodates the male anatomy with comfort. This is one of our favorite panties for men.  

"Simply wonderful, this beautiful and touchably soft panty makes this one of my favorite all day panties, and the stretchable lace is a must for male anatomy"

A re-luxe of the sportswear trend, the new Jinx moves to our must-have list with elasticated strapping across the top cup and deep plunge styling. The black panelling is complemented by a soft almond base. Mesh fabric overlay with an almond color background adds a fun pop.

"Boyshorts are a great alternative to male boxers, very similar fit but with a much sexier appeal and cheek coverage"

  Adventurous Lingerie

It's hard for anyone of any gender to step out of their comfort zone and slip on a sexy lingerie piece! Here at Hourglass Lingerie, we want to encourage ALL people to embrace their sexy side and be confident! Even the addition of just one piece of Sexy Lingerie can totally transform your opinions!

Sheer floral lace steals the show in an irresistibly gorgeous design. Sleek sexiness and coverage makes this a go-to for sexy panties for men.


"My wife loves seeing me in these panties, the soft lace feel and luxurious look makes these a simple wear, and the floral lace sends her over the edge in sexy"

Be Wicked features black vinyl with zippered front and lace up back in this piece. This will be a favorite of your collection!


"Love this corset, I have been using it for a few months now and it really offers a perfect feminine silhouette"

Shaping Panties

For those looking for the fullest of full coverage to keep things smooth underneath your clothes and as tucked in place as you can possibly get sans duct tape or corset. Pair them with a corset for the ultimate hourglass effect.  

Calling all control freaks! If you want the ultimate in support in achieving that hourglass shape, look no further than the Parfait P50155. It's definately a standout, double layered with powermesh on the inside and smooth lycra on the outside with a lace detail at the hip bones for the smoothest profile and ultimate tummy cinching qualities.

The Be Wicked 2008 Peachy Soft Shapewear brief is another fantastic option for those looking to smooth things out a bit. It's a bit thinner than the Parfait panty and features boning along the waist with a mesh bottom.  

Flirty Lace

Get flirty with these cute all lace options from Parfait and panache.

The Panache 7282 Cornflower brief is one of our sexiest and laciest panties. Pair it with the Panache Cornflower 7285 bra for an irresistibly delicious ensemble.  

Parfait So Glam PP502 Scarlette Hipster Panty is a glamorous sheer lace panty that fits beautifully and sits low on your hips.

Lingerie for Men

Looking for some other lingerie options for men? Check out our Lingerie for Men page for even more information and finds!


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