Parfait Shea P6062 Bare Plunge Unlined UW Bra

Brand: Parfait


Parfait's Shea unlined plunge bra is sleek and luxurious while offering ease of fit. Shop all Parfait Plunge and unlined bras at Hourglass Lingerie for same day free shipping on all orders over $50!...Read more

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As soft and luxurious as shea butter, Shea is sheer and breathable and conforms to your body like a second skin. 

  • Smooth seamed, 3-part cup with inner slings
  • Ease of fit, sheer stretch striped mesh neckline
  • Sleek stripe mesh outer side slings and back for extra support
  • Modern decorative lacing
Size Guide | Hourglass Lingerie

Size Guide

A bra should be supportive, functional, and fun all at the same time. When you get fitted for a bra, you are not only getting fitted for a body type, but a personality as well. Wearing the correct bra size and style changes your whole persona. You become more confident, proud, and comfortable; giving you the confidence to do what you dream of doing.

Measuring yourself for a bra is an art and not an exact science, but our fit guide can provide you with a useful starting point! Read along for all of our hidden secrets from Hourglass Lingerie's fit experts.

This is a(n) image of measuring tape

Am I Wearing The Right Size Bra?

If you've found yourself on this page, you're likely wondering if you're wearing the right size bra. With so many size options, it's easy to be unsure! We have a quick and easy test to see if your bra fits properly.

While wearing a bra, lift your boobs with both hands. If you notice any difference in the way you feel you are wearing the wrong size bra. This is where we want to help you, so continue along!

Bra Glossary

There are lots of bra-specific terminology you should know when attempting to fit yourself. All of these words can get confusing; what's the difference between the center gore and the band?

Don't worry, we define all of the confusing bra terms as well as much more in Hourglass Lingerie's Bra Glossary. Take a look before diving into fitting yourself to make sure you're caught up on all of the newest terms!

Sizing Your Bra

It’s best to measure yourself when you’re wearing a bra. Make sure it has no padding and is not a minimizer bra. A Bralette or T-Shirt bra is perfect for fitting.

What is My Band Size?

For your band size pull a tape measure around your torso, right underneath your breasts. Make sure that it lies flat at the back and in a horizontal line all the way round. Pull it real snug to get an accurate measurement.

When you take these measurements, round to the closest whole inch, either up or down. (For example, if your measurement is 29 3/8", round to 29". If your measurement is 29 1/2" or more, round to 30".) This rounded even number measurement is your band size!

What is My Cup Size?

For your cup size, measure around your torso across the fullest part of your breast. Again, make sure that the tape measure is at the same level all the way round, but this time take care not to pull it tight.

Round up or down to the nearest inch as you did to find your band size. Now, subtract your original underbust measurement from this second measurement. The difference is your cup size (see chart on right). Example: 38" - 33" (underbust measurement) = 5" = DD cup size.

Cup Size Chart

Sizing Difference

Bra Fitting Tips

Along with our size guide, we have compiled a list of our top 10 BEST Bra Fitting Tips. Follow these tips while you are sizing yourself to ensure the most accurate and easy fitting possible!

This is a(n) image of bra size comparison

Difference Between D Cup and DD Cup?

Once you get past the D cup sizes and larger, there tends to be a discrepancy among brands as to what to call sizes beyond a D cup.

We hope the chart on the right, based on the country of origin of the manufacturer, clears up some of the confusion.


Brand Sizing

Personalized Bra Fitting

This article was jammed packed with everything you need to know about bra sizing, but we understand just how overwhelming that can be! Attempting to fit yourself can be costly, confusing, and frustrating.

Allow us to take some of the pressure off and call today to schedule your bra fitting at Hourglass Lingerie! All fittings are done by our fitting specialists for free in a one-on-one, personal environment. Come on it for the perfect fit on the first try!

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