Bras That Hide Nipples

Ladies, we’ve all been there. You’re standing in the grocery store line and a cold gust of air blows by. Next thing you know, your nipples are poking through your shirt for all of the world to see.

We try pulling our hair down and repurposing the scarf, but nothing truly covers them up completely. Have no fear, us at Hourglass Lingerie are here to share all of our tips and tricks on nipple coverage!

Nipple Coverage Bras

There are many bra options that provide extra padding over the nipples without sacrificing comfort or style. Such bras include push-up bras, textured cup bras, and molded cup bras.

Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras are made with lots of extra padding in mind to add shape to the breasts. An added feature of the extra padding is that it naturally hides nipples! Our favorite push-up bra here at Hourglass Lingerie is the Parfait Charlotte 6901 Purple Wine/Black Padded Balconette Push Up Bra.

Textured Cup Bras

Textured cup bras are another wonderful option for covering nipples. Although they have padding, these cups also have extra texture on the outside of the cup that camouflage the nipple as just part of the print. We highly recommend the Panache Roxie 9586 Orchid J-Hook Plunge Bra By Sculptresse at Hourglass Lingerie!

Molded Cup Bras

A last option for nipple coverage is a molded cup bra. These bras typically also come with some kind of padding in the cup that could do the trick. They are also made of a softer material that perfectly molds to your breast. Hourglass Lingerie customers love the Parfait Casey 2801 Black Floral Print Plunge Molded Bra.


However, be wary that sometimes molded cup bras are made with thinner materials that nipples could possibly show through. Our best solution for this case is investing in a pair of nipple covers.

Hide Nipples Without Bra

If you notice your nipples showing through in one of your favorite bras (or just want to let the girls go free without the bother of nipples peeking through), nipple covers are a great solution for you!

These sticky little pads go over the nipple seamlessly under a bra (or not!) and prevent the nipple from sticking out. They are meant just to cover the nipple, not the entire breast- so they are the perfect discreet option.

We offer the Be Wicked BWXR004F Paulette Flower Set at Hourglass Lingerie, and they are a favorite product of women all shapes and sizes! When in a snap, band-aids can also be used as nipple covers when needed.

Breast Pads

For women who are lactating, breast pads are a similar solution with added benefits. Lactating women often have swollen nipples, so breast pads help hide the nipples as well as soak up any leaking milk.

Embracing Your Nipples

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to just embrace it! Nipples showing through clothing has become an increasingly popular trend in the past decade.

You could begin to ease into showing your nipples by wearing clothes with patterns that would somewhat camouflage the nipple, such as floral or textured prints. Another option is to wear a daintier lace bra, such as the Be Wicked BW1715 Bianca Hunter Green Bra Set or the Panache Indina 6966 Underwire Plunge Lace Bra.

No matter what you choose to do, embracing and loving your body and nipples the way they are is the very beginning!