How to Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a little more curve in your bust? You’re not alone! Most women are not satisfied with the natural shape of their breasts. Although we want you to love your perfectly imperfect self, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you add a little cleavage.

With advancements in bra technology and accessories, achieving the appearance of larger breasts is incredibly easier than ever before! Continue reading to hear our favorite bra solutions as well as tips and tricks to making the girls look fuller.

Bras That Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

There are many different bra styles on the market with the aim of adding shape and size to your bust. Before you can even think about a bra style, you have to make sure that you are wearing the proper size bra. Although it seems like it would help, wearing too big of a bra can actually make your breasts appear flatter and droopy. If you’re not sure if you’re wearing the right size, check out our Bra Size Guide or come into Hourglass Lingerie for a personal 1-on-1 fitting!

Once you know you’re wearing the right size bra, the next step is to determine which bra style will add what you’re looking for in bust appearance. Trying to decide which style works best for you can be a tiring (and expensive!) process. Have no fear, we tested them all out so you don’t have to!

Push-Up Bras For Bigger Boobs

Push-up bras are a given when talking about increasing breast size. Push-up bras use specially placed padding to push breasts together, creating a more defined line of cleavage. Getting the right sized push up bra can do wonders to your boobs, and it is a favorite when trying to make our boobs bigger!

Our favorite benefits of push-up bras are:

  • Lifting your breasts
  • Enhancing an already natural sillouette
  • Shapes cleavage
  • Offers lots of support

Here at Hourglass Lingerie, our all-time favorite push-up bra is the Parfait Charlotte 6901 Leopard Brown Balconette Padded Push Up Bra.


Padded Bras For Larger Breasts

Many people get padded and push-up bras confused. A padded bra adds support by just increasing the overall thickness of the bra with added material or inserts.

It is a much more subtle lift than a push-up bra, so this option is perfect for someone looking for just a slight boost to her bust.

Padded bras also add size to the entire breast, instead of just pushing the breasts together (like a push-up bra).

Hourglass Lingerie’s tried-and-true favorite padded bra is the Parfait Jeanie 4812 Molded Plunge Bra Black.

Molded Bras For Better Cleavage

Molded cup bras (also known as T-shirt bras) are slightly different from padded and push-up bras. Instead of adding size to the breast, this type of bra enhances the shape of what you already have.

Although the size may not be increased at all, your shape will look fuller and perkier, which is what many women are looking for. These bras are also nearly invisible under clothes.

Our favorite molded bra at Hourglass Lingerie is the Parfait Casey 2801 European Nude Plunge Molded Bra.

How to Make Your Boobs Look Better

Not looking for a new bra? There are lots of other options to make your boobs look bigger that don’t include breaking the bank! Most of these items can be found around the house or come on in to Hourglass Lingerie to see our selection of bra accessories.

Taping Boobs to Look Bigger

A favorite of Kim Kardashian and other red-carpet celebrities, adhesive breast lift tape lifts breasts when wearing a bra is impossible.

This option is perfect for giving the girls a lift while wearing a super low-cut or open-back outfit.

Just lift the breast to desired shape, apply tape under the breast, and stretch the tape up to hold the lifted breast in place.

Stand Up Straight

Fixing your posture can be a great and easy way to make your boobs look bigger. Especially with the wrong size bra on it can be easy to slouch when things are uncomfortable. Now, you can give yourself a better shape and more pronounced boobs in two easy steps!

First, straigten your back when you're sitting or walking around. Second, pull you shoulders up and together. Done! Better posture means pushing those boobs out a little already making them look bigger.

Push-Up Pads for Bigger Breasts

Did you know the removable pads from padded and push-up bras can be used in other bras? That’s right, your favorite bra and home can be upgraded like never before!

Just remove or buy bra pads and place them in the bottom of the cups to lift the breasts.

This option is especially helpful to women with uneven breasts that way want more support on just one side

Gel Inserts to Increase Bust

Gel inserts (also known as “cutlets”) are silicon or water filled inserts that slip inside of your bra to add fullness or perk up some saggy breasts.

To add cleavage line, put in the outside of the cups to push the breasts together.

To add size, put in the bottom of the cup to push the breasts up. This option is a little more comfortable and more natural looking.

Clothing Choice

Sometimes just a simple change in your wardrobe can affect the apperance of your breasts. Some clothing styles we recommend to make your boobs look larger include:

  • Tight fitting clothing
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Clothes that cinch at the waist
  • Empire-line garments
  • Belt to accentuate your curves to create that hourglass figure

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