What is a Mastectomy Bra?

The term "Mastectomy Bra" is very broad. It generally refers to any style of bra that an be worn post-surgery to promote comfort and healthy recovery in breast tissue. There are lots of different options marketed to women after their mastectomy, so how can you know which one will suit you best?

Hourglass Lingerie is here to help and share the different categories of mastectomy bras and who they are best for. Continue reading to see where you fall!

Do I Really Need a New Bra?

Some women are led to believe they don’t need to wear a bra after major breast surgery. However, your breasts will continue to change in shape and size post-surgery and through treatment.

This is a reason why our bra experts always recommend picking out some new bras post-surgery. You’ll also likely want to toss those underwire and push-up bras, as they typically will cause unwanted irritation to wound sites.

Disclaimer: Before buying any bra, always check with your doctor for their input. They likely have specific instructions for caring for your new breasts post-op. Hourglass Lingerie is not providing medical advice. Always consult your doctor for their recommendations first.

Our Favorite Bras After Mastectomy:

Post-Surgical/ Compression Bras

The first week or so after surgery, your doctor should provide information on post-surgical or compression bras. These bras are different from standard bras as they are built with wider padded straps and pockets to hold prosthesis or breast forms in place. They aid the proper healing process and prevent any unwanted healing complications.

Post-surgical or compression bras also promote proper blood flow and nutrient exchange in the new tissue. It is important to wear this bra for the duration your doctor recommends to prevent infection.

Once you have been cleared to no longer have to wear a post-surgical bra, there are many options of bras that prioritize comfort, function, and feminity post-surgery.

Surgical Bra

Front-Closure Bras

Recovering from a big surgery like lumpectomy or mastectomy means the easier something is, the better. Front-closure bras eliminate the hassle of reaching behind the back to unhook your traditional hook-and-eye bra. They also prevent possible arm overextension and stitch popping.

Front-closure bras tend to have lower necklines and are great for wearing with lower-cut tops. These bras come in soft, wire-free variants as well. Our favorite front-closure bra here at Hourglass Lingerie is the Parfait Lynn P13122 European Nude Y Back Front Closure Bra.


Bralettes are wonderful additions to anyone’s closet. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they also promote great support without padding or underwire. By design, they are less restirctive around the bust and torso in comparison to other bra styles which can be healthier for the healing process.

Bralettes also often come in ultra-soft materials that can be worn day or night and slipped off with ease. Parfait Adriana P5482 Racing Red Wire-Free Lace Bralette is Hourglass Lingerie’s favorite bralette we offer.

Parfait Adriana P5482 Racing Red Wire-Free Lace Bralette

Seamless Bras

Seamless bras are a step up from bralettes. They offer another layer of support above a bralette without sacrificing comfort. The molded and seamless cups look discret under thin clothing. These are better for a busier day than just hanging out around the house.

Seamless Bras also fit under tighter clothing better for when you are ready to hit the town again. Your seamless bra should have adjustable straps to fit the best. We love the Anita Rosa Faia Josephine 5675 Silver Mint Molded Seamless UW Bra here at Hourglass Lingerie!

Sports Bras

A quality sports bra will be a great addition to your wardrobe post-surgery. This type of bra will provide support specifically designed to prevent bouncing and jostling while exercising.

Most sports bras are made with pockets at the seams of the cups which allows for extra padding to ensure comfort with mobility. This is especially important to keep healing tissue in place and not sliding around or stretching the skin. Hourglass Lingerie recommends Elomi Energise EL8041 Navy Underwire Sports J-Hook Bra as a wonderful sports bra option.

Bra Fitting After Surgery

While there are many options to consider buying after surgery, the most important is that you feel comfortable and beautiful. An important aspect to consider is that your breasts are likely a different size than before (and will continue to change as time passes). It is very important to be fitted by a professional bra fitter after surgery to ensure the new bras you are buying fit properly.

Our bra fitting experts here at Hourglass Lingerie would love to help you! Call and schedule your own personalized, one-on-one bra fitting with one of our experts. We would love to help you love your new body!

Bra Style Guide

Now that you've learned everything you could ever possibly want to know about Mastectomy Bras, why not learn some more? Our Bra Style Guide is the perfect collection of guides to every bra style on the market. Try something new, explore an old favorite, or step out of your comfort zone!