What is a Side Support Bra?

Hourglass Lingerie is always working to find the best solution for our full-busted, full-figured ladies. When we began looking into the best bras for women in this category, Side Support Bras quickly became the center of our attention.

Say goodbye to those days of battling with button-down shirts and underarm breast spillage! Read on to hear all about why side support bras have become one of the best bras for larger breast sizes.

All About Side Support Bras

The most characteristic feature of a Side Support Bra is the sectioning of the cups, which is done to make them exceptionally supportive. Most also have supportive cup extensions that run around under the arm- which is where their name originates.

This bra style is the only one that offers support from the sides of the bra. The side support mainly prevents the breasts from spilling sideways and creating that “east and west” breast appearance.

Side support bras are also typically made of fabrics that do a great job at cooling and wicking away sweat. This is why lots of Sports Bras fall into the category of side support.

Who Should Wear Side Support Bras?

We have made it fairly clear up to this point that side support bras are geared more toward larger breast sizes. Simply put, smaller breast sizes just do not have a need for the additional support provided by this bra style.

However, for women with larger breasts, there are a couple of different reasons you may be scouting out for a side support bra. If you have wide-set breasts, breasts that spill out of the bra in the underarm, or would like the appearance of a smaller bust, this bra style is what you need in your life.

Side support bras also do a great job at preventing bounce and instead promoting a sturdy lift.

Our favorites at Hourglass Lingerie are the Elomi Lydia EL4390 Sahara Bandless J Hook Underwire Bra and the Elomi Energise EL8041 White Underwire Sports Bra

When Should I Wear?

We always reach for our side support bras if we are looking for a more streamlined, projected look.

Many women have asymmetrical breasts, but this bra tackles that issue and eliminates it. This looks best under form fitted tops as well as obviously those pesky button-up shirts.

Finally, if you’re perhaps just looking to reduce the appearance of your breasts, the side support bra may be your savior. Some have the ability to reduce breast size by up to 2 inches on the side!

When Should I Not Wear?

As mentioned before, side support bras are really not designed to ever be worn by women with petite breasts.

However, there are a few more circumstances where we recommend different bra styles over this one. If you’re looking for a dramatic enhancement in cleavage, the side support bra is not what you’re looking for.

Instead, head towards a Push Up Bra, which has the main goal of pushing the breasts up and together to create stunning cleavage.

Side Support Bra Sizing

Sizing for side support bras can be daunting because many women has never experienced this type of support before in a bra. Don’t worry, it is actually quite easy to size.

Begin with your typical bra size and just adjust from there. If you are experiencing back rolls, shoulder marks, or side spillage, you are in the wrong size. The easiest way to size yourself is to check out our Size Guide and read up on all of our tips and tricks.

Or, if you would rather have the perfect fit without the hassle of research, call and schedule you free, personalized fitting with an Hourglass Lingerie fit specialist. We would love to help you and share our admiration for side support bras!

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