What is a Soft Cup Bra?

Many ladies come to our shop wondering what the difference in between a Soft Cup Bra and a wire-free bra. Well, we’re here to tell you that they’re the same exact thing!

If you’re looking for casual comfort, the soft cup bra is perfect for you. Read ahead to hear why Hourglass Lingerie is impressed with this up-and-coming bra style!

All About Soft Cup Bras

Soft Cup Bras are synonymous with wire-free bras. However, don’t think that these bras lack in support because of their lack of wires.

Recent technology such as multi-part cups, thicker bands, inner support slings, Y backs, and wide straps all are implemented into current soft cup bras to make them supportive.

They are incredibly versatile and can be found in multiple styles for any occasion you could want.

How Can a Soft Cup Bra Benefit You?

We think everyone should have at least one soft cup bra in their lingerie collection. Anyone who wants to prioritize comfort and natural shape (hello, everyone?!) needs one. We are ditching those painful Underwire Bra Problems right with you!

It’s a common misconception that women with fuller busts cannot wear soft cup bras. We will get into this more a bit later, but this is false in most circumstances. Every bust size can find a soft cup bra that works for them.

Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding often turn to soft cup bras for how comfortable yet supportive it is with tender breast tissue.

Our favorites at Hourglass Lingerie are the Parfait Emma P5491 Bare Padded Wire Free Plunge Bra and the Goddess Keira GD6093 Fawn Banded Soft Cup Wire Free Bra.

When Should I Wear a Soft Cup Bra?

Soft cup bras are designed mostly with comfort as the number one concern.

Soft cup bras are the perfect style solution for any of the following circumstances:


  • Low-key days
  • Running errands
  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • Low impact exercises (ie. yoga, pilates)
  • Bedtime
  • Women who have allergies to materials in underwire bras
  • Women who have difficulty fitting underwires due to breast shape or tissue

We love the natural breast shape this bra style promotes and how we can wear ours for hours on end without a worry in mind.

When Should I Not Wear a Soft Cup Bra?

While soft cup bras are so versatile, there are some occasions that we recommend choosing a different style of bra to best suit you! We recognize that every woman is built perfectly unique and deserves to be equally supported.

Some instances where we recommend an alternative style include:


  • Fuller-busted women who are looking for maximum support (A bra style best suited for you may be a Side Support Bra.)
  • Women looking for a sculpted figure (In these cases, Molded Bras are a much better option because they give smooth and seamless shape without sacrificing comfort.)
Parfait Adriana P5482 Racing Red Wire-Free Lace Bralette

Soft Cup Bra Sizing

Soft cup bras are one of the easiest bra styles to size because they are fairly different from the other bra styles. These bras can really be sized almost closet to a shirt than with the typical bra cup sizing (although a good amount of soft cup bras are also sized this way).

We always recommend starting sizing by trying your regular bra size and adjusting tighter or looser from there. You will know the fit is wrong if any part of this bra is uncomfortable or squeezing! The easiest way to size yourself is to check out our Size Guide and read up on all of our tips and tricks.

Or, if you would rather have the perfect fit without the hassle of research, call and schedule your free, personalized fitting with an Hourglass Lingerie fit specialist. We would love to help you and share our admiration for soft cup bras!

Bra Style Guide

Now that you've learned everything you could ever possibly want to know about Soft Cup Bras, why not learn some more? Our Bra Style Guide is the perfect collection of guides to every bra style on the market. Try something new, explore an old favorite, or step out of your comfort zone!