Why Do Bra Straps Keep Falling Down?


Bra straps falling down constantly is an incredibly common, and especially annoying, bra issue most women face. What starts as an every-once-in-awhile pester becomes a constant issue to deal with, nearly driving you to insanity!

We hear you, and we’ve all been there. Thankfully, this super annoying issue is also super easy to fix! Continue below to hear all of the tricks we suggest to keep those bra straps up on the shoulders where they belong.

4 Main Reasons Why Your Bra Straps Keep Falling Down

Your bra straps may fall down for an array of reasons, however, the most common trends that we see include:


  • The straps are not adjusted properly
  • You are wearing a bra with an incorrect cup or band size
  • You are wearing a bra style that isn't suit to your figure
  • The bra has aged and lost its elasticity within its straps


Loose Bra Strap

The first (and easiest) solution is to simply tighten the bra strap! Many women forget that normal activity and wear will naturally loosen the straps from their perfect fit.

Another thing to think about is that most women have different size breasts and therefore their straps should be adjusted to different lengths to provide the best support.

You’ll know your bra strap is adjusted to the right length when you can place two fingers between the strap and your skin and it’s snug. If you can wiggle your fingers about, then the strap is likely still loose and needs to be tightened further. However, make sure that the straps aren't digging into your shoulders. It's all about finding a happy medium.

Improperly Fitting Bra

If your straps are adjusted to the right length and are still falling off, then it may be a larger fit issue beyond just the straps. The first problem could fall within the cup size. The most common cup issue that accompanies falling bra straps is a gaping cup. If you notice a space between the top of your cup and your breast then going down in cup size could be the solution to your falling straps.

On the other hand, the more common fit issue that causes the bra straps to fall is wearing an incorrect band size. Bra straps are set wider in the back in larger band sizes to accommodate larger busts. As the band size decreases, the straps are set closer together in the back for smaller busts. If the straps are too far apart, then they will be prone to falling off. Try going down in a band size to help keep the bra straps from falling.

Don’t forget that as you adjust band size, the cup size will need to be adjusted as well. For example, if you decrease your band size the cup size increases, as in going from a 36C to a 34D. Keeping this in mind will ensure you keep the same cup volume.

Bra Styles to Prevent Straps From Falling

If you’ve determined your bra fits perfectly but still have issues with the straps falling down, there is still hope for a solution! Each body is made perfectly unique and beautifully. The shape of your shoulders, believe it or not, could be the cause of this issue.

Ladies with narrow or sloped shoulders are more prone to falling straps. The way to work with your body’s uniqueness is to find the style of bra that works best with it. For nearly everyone (but especially narrow and sloped shouldered women), a racerback bra will typically solve this issue instantly due to how close the straps are together in the back. Here at Hourglass Lingerie, we love the Parfait Adriana P5482 Racing Red Wire-Free Lace Bralette.

Plunge bras also usually have straps set closer together in the back to aid. We have a wide selection of plunge bras at Hourglass Lingerie, but we most highly recommend the Parfait Shea P6062 Bare Plunge Unlined UW Bra.

Finally, any bra that allows you to crisscross the straps in the back to create the illusion of a racerback usually prevents the straps from falling down instantly. These types of bras are marketed as having convertible straps. Our Hourglass Lingerie top-pick of a bra with convertible straps is the Parfait Elissa P5011 Black Contour Strapless Bra.

Bra Straps Get Loose With Time

Finally, it is important to remember that with normal everyday activity, washing, and age, our bras take a lot of beating!

As much as we wish they could last forever, sadly most bras begin losing elasticity and support after 6 months.

To help prolong your bra’s life as long as possible, take a look at our Lingerie Care Guide. Here you will find every way we keep our dainties fresh months after purchase.

Keep in mind that as your bra gets older, both the band and the straps will stretch and need adjustments to fit best.

Need Help With Bra Sizing?

Attempting to size your own bra can be tiring and expensive. Check out our Size Guide for the best tips and tricks we recommend for getting it right the first try! Or, if you would rather have the perfect fit without the hassle of research, call and schedule your free, personalized fitting with an Hourglass Lingerie fit specialist.