Back to School Bras for Teens

Back to School Bras for Teens

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Whether you're a freshman starting high school or a senior looking forward to your last year, school is just around the corner.  While you’re shopping for the latest fall fashions to wear in the school year, don't forget about a new bra to go along with those new tops.  After all, who wants to go back to school with an old bra under their new clothes?

Be Sure to Check Your Size — and Have Fun Shopping!

Before you shop, make sure you know your size. We know; it can feel embarrassing going in for a bra fitting, but at Hourglass, we make the experience fun! Just think of how much more comfortable class will be with the right bra?

Did you know that wearing the wrong size is one of the biggest sources of bra discomfort? And that most adult women aren’t even wearing the right size? Yikes. When it comes to your teen years, sizes change rapidly. You can't always rely on what your bra size was as recently as a few months ago.  You might jump a cup size before you even realize it! This is why it’s important to be fitted for your bra when things don’t feel quite right.

The sheer variety of choices in the world of bras is fabulous. Unfortunately, it can also be a little intimidating, especially when you're just getting started.  Molded, padded, strapless, t-shirt, wired, wireless – where do you even begin? Plus, bras come in all kinds of sizes and measurements, cuts and colors. You might see terms like large and small, or sizes like 34B. While all of this may seem overwhelming, try to have fun shopping and exploring until you find the type of bra that is right for you.

To get you started on your back-to-school shopping adventure, check out these favorites.

Every Style, Every Day: Bras on Trend

Curvy Kate Cascade Pacific Blue Balcony Bra (CK3601)

Walking in on the first day back to school, it can feel like all eyes are on you.  Give yourself a confidence boost with a stylish new bra like this Curvy Kate Cascade piece. This beautiful blue bra has a lattice print with diamond embroidery(!), soft cups, and fully adjustable straps. Plus, it has matching separates!

Freya Women's Parade Multi UW Padded Longline Bra (AA1794)

Another fun choice is this Freya Parade beauty. We can’t get enough of this gorgeous, folklore-inspired pattern.  Long-line bras like this one can even help to reduce the stress on your shoulders from all of those hours of sitting through class!

The Athlete in All of Us: Sports Bras You Need

Whether you're a star soccer player or the girl who dreads gym class, the right sports bra is a must.  You'll need something comfortable that can also provide support during those grueling workouts (or just the heat of trying to stay safe during dodgeball).

Anita Peacock/Anthracite Extreme Control Sports Bra (5527)

The Anita Peacock has everything you need to stay in the game. This stylish bra features side support and has microfiber toweling to prevent (ouch!) chafing .  It also has a moisture management system to keep you dry no matter how long you're at it.

Panache Cyber Print UW Sports Bra (5021)

The Panache cyber print sports bra is another great choice for girls who need extra support from their sports bra. The individual cups reduce bounce while providing both support and shape, while the microfiber fabric and breathable mesh panels provide some relief from the heat, so you’ll be cool and confident.  

Comfort for Every Situation: T-Shirt Bras and More

Parfait Lynn P13021 European Nude Super Push Up Bra

Puberty can be a frustrating time, with cup sizes fluctuating and your body changing more slowly — or quickly — than you’d like. If you need an extra push, Parfait Lynn’s nude push-up bra has it. These contour cups are comfortable enough to perk you up, and the smooth design makes it fit perfectly under any t-shirt.

Parfait Lynn P13122 European Nude Y Back Front Closure Bra

Almost the identical twin of Parfait Lynn’s super push up bra, this bra offers the same level of comfort with even more convenience. Front closure makes it easier to wear, and the Y-back makes it even easier to wear this bra with your favorite tank tops and dresses. No more bra straps peeking out from under the sleeves with this bra.

Freya Fancies Navy Bralette (AA1010)

School hours are long.  The days drag by and feel like they'll never end.  Add extracurriculars to an already exhausting schedule and the last thing that you'll want to be dealing with is a situation with an uncomfortable bra. This Freya Fancies bralette in navy might be just the thing for those of us who are looking for wire-free comfort.

With a double layer of stretch soft mesh and a band of lacing for comfort and shaping, you've got all of the comfort with no loss of style.

Parfait Casey Black Floral Print Plunge Molded Bra (2801)

Everyone’s favorite bra, the classic t-shirt bra helps provide coverage without sacrificing comfort.This floral printed bra even has lace accents!

Hourglass Lingerie – Not (Just) Your Mama's Bra!

So many bras. So many choices. Our fitting specialists are ready to help you find your size and pick out the right bras to keep you comfortable in class all year long. Talk with your mom (or your favorite aunt!) about scheduling a fitting with us in the warehouse district of Baltimore. Just look for the blue door!


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