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Every now and then we need to shed some light on some of our amazing, full-figure lingerie brands…

When Dawn first had the idea to open a lingerie store for hourglass women, she and Ken went to the Curve Expo in Las Vegas to put the Hourglass Lingerie brand out there among industry pros.

“When Hourglass opened, we began selling four of Eveden’s brands: Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, and Goddess. Even today, Goddess is still our highest selling lingerie brand, and it’s not hard to understand why.”  Dawn explains.

Goddess has been in business for over 50 years, challenging the idea that the only large cup bra selections should be black, white, and beige. Their selection is full of color, style, and personality.

They have a wide range of sizes from 34-56 B-O (US sizing) so you can find a bra that fully, comfortably supports you, no matter what your size may be. It’s because of their standard of elegant but fun style and sturdy support that they were voted: Favorite Full-Figured Bra two years in a row in 2010 and 2011.

For these reasons, they’re also a big hit with Hourglass’s customers.

Goddess Women's Kayla GD6162 Banded UW Laurel Blue

Goddess has a variety of full-figure lingerie to suit a variety of full-figure women. The Goddess Kiera selection comes in classy, solid colors, while the Goddess Kayla offers the same support in fun, stylish prints for the woman who dresses with flair. Goddess Adelaide falls somewhere in-between, with soft, lacy feminine designs.

If you need extra support on the side, try Goddess Hannah, or if you’d rather avoid underwire, there’s also Goddess Audrey.  

They even offer full-figure sports bras for the athletic goddesses out there with their Goddess Synergy selection.

Goddess Synergy GD6910 Black Soft Cup Sports Bra

Another issue that women often run into when searching for stylish, supportive bras is cost. Even if you find something that suits both your shape and your style, it’s often more than you can, or at least - would like - to spend on lingerie.

Goddess helps solve this dilemma by providing a comfortable, supportive fit that looks great, but also without hurting your bank account. These bras are reasonably priced, with most bras under $50, and the support is more than worth it. Beyond that, you’ll save with how frequently you’ll need to shop - as these aren’t bras you’ll have to throw out and replace in a couple months.

It’s all of the above value that makes Goddess such a popular brand. They make bras with their customers taste and needs in mind, and women - and their well supported and beautifully adorned bosoms certainly appreciate it!

Have you tried Goddess yet? Check out our selection, and find the right fit for your Goddess shape!


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