Graduating From the Training Bra: A Guide to Your Teen's First Adult Bra

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A girl’s first real bra can be a big milestone as young women grow up. It’s an emotional time for girls although whether that’s excitement or fear can vary and those feelings are all normal. Before they need an adult bra, many girls will wear a training bra to get used to the idea of wearing a bra. Let’s talk about the needs for both training and adult bras and when to know when you need to make the switch.


About the Training Bra

Many girls will wear a training bra when they start puberty. Training bras can be very simple, functioning like camisoles to offer a little bit of modesty and extra coverage to make sure a girl’s breasts don’t show through her shirt. Some training bras are more like pretty bralettes with minimal support — these can be great if your daughter is on the girlier side and like the pretty lace details. On the flipside, some training bras are more like simple sports bras which some girls might prefer— it could possibly feel like less of a “big deal” and the straps can resemble a tank top. If she doesn’t need a bra yet, a training bra is a great way to get into the habit early.


Starting Good Habits

Training bras can be a great step to try to ease young girls into embracing their changing bodies as well as a way to pass on helpful information and teach good habits. Whether a pubescent girl “needs” a training bra yet or not, if she’s showing interest, it’s probably a good idea to start stocking up on them. Purchase a few in fun colors but also a few nude options that are close to her skin tone so she never goes through the discomfort of realizing her black bra is showing through her white t-shirt.

This time is a great chance to talk about the changes of puberty — first periods, the need to wear deodorant every day, and whether she wants to start shaving her legs. Whether it’s your daughter, granddaughter, little sister or niece that you’re seeking out helpful information for, remember she probably feels embarrassed and unsure- making these changes seem normal and positive will help.


Moving to an Adult Bra

After a while (and this time frame varies for everyone!), it’ll be time to switch from a training bra to a fully supported adult bra. Bras with a soft cup are great for while you’re developing quickly. Girls who develop quickly may be more comfortable with the support of an underwire. The big thing for comfort is to make sure that your bra fits comfortably and is the right size. The key here is to get professionally measured. Going with Mom or an older sister can go a long way to stay comfortable in a new situation. If you’re taking a girl to get her first bra, it might be a good idea to get measured yourself to show her that the process is normal. A bra that doesn’t fit right won’t provide the correct support or dig into tender skin.

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