Bra Band Too Small

Every lady knows the struggle of the red marks left behind from a bra that’s too tight. They’re itchy, uncomfortable, and annoying! Thankfully, our fitting specialists see this issue all too often, so they know exactly how to fix it. If you experience a bra band that is too tight, there are likely two different culprits to blame. Either you are wearing the wrong size or wrong style of bra. Read below to see how to solve both of these issues!

Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

The majority of the support in a bra comes from the band, so it is especially important to be wearing the right size! The most frequent reason your band is digging into your sides is that it is too small.

In this case, there are 2 options:

  • try a larger band size
  • loosen the hooks in the back

However, if the band becomes too loose, it can start riding up your back causing unwanted back fat or bulging.


If you’re struggling figuring out which band size is right for you, try consulting our bra Size Guide for all of our hidden secrets to finding the best fit.

In short, the larger the number, the larger the band size. However, keep in mind that as the band size increases, so does the cup. For example, if your cups fit perfectly in a 36C but the band is too tight, try going up to a 38B. When going up in band size, you must go down in cup size if you wish to maintain the same cup volume.

Wearing the Wrong Style of Bra

If you’ve determined that you are wearing the correct size bra but are still struggling with the bands digging in, another culprit could be to blame. Size is not always the issue with bands digging in! The style of the bra plays just as big of a role in this as sizing does.

Many bras come with more narrow bands. These narrow bands can cause bulging and digging into sides, especially for women who have a fuller figure or larger breasts. A bra with a wider band is almost always more ideal in this situation. These types of bras are referred to as side supporting bras, and we carry a wide arrangement of them here at Hourglass Lingerie!

Side supporting bras help creates a beautiful smooth silhouette and reduce painful side indentations. They also will help take pressure off of your shoulders by redistributing the weight of your breast more evenly throughout the band. If you would like to learn more about side supporting bras, check out our page What is a Side Support Bra? for more information. Our favorite side supporting bras at Hourglass Lingerie is the Elomi Cate EL4030 Hazel Underwire Full Coverage Bra and the Anita Rosa Faia Fleur 5653 Cherry Underwire Side Support Bra.

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This is a lot of information at once, so do not be overwhelmed! The most accurate way to determine your bra size is to schedule a personalized, one-on-one bra fitting with one of our fitting specialists at Hourglass Lingerie. It is recommended to get a professional bra fitting every 6 months to be sure you’re wearing the best fit. We would love to help you out!