How To Store Bras

You’ve just found out How to Wash Bras, so now you must be wondering how to store them! Maximizing your bra’s lifespan begins with a great washing routine and continues right into storage.

Poor storage will age your bras faster, so continue reading to find all of Hourglass Lingerie’s storage tips and tricks. Also, check out our Lingerie Care Guide for even more information all about keeping your dainties looking their best!

Best Way to Store Bras

Don’t be ashamed, we all have at one point had a top drawer full of bras and panties squished and scattered around. Keeping organized and storing your bras properly is a lot easier than it seems!

A few types of non-molded bras, such as bralettes or underwire free sports bras can be folded in half, but generally you should avoid ever folding bras or inverting cups. The most efficient way to properly store molded bras is standing them up in a drawer with the cups inside each other to hold their shape.

Lining up the bras like this has many benefits such as hook snagging prevention, no crumpling or shape loss, and underwire shape protection. On top of that, organizing them this way makes it super easy to find the bra you’re looking for right away!

Bras stored with cups inside of each other

Bra Drawer Dividers

If stacking the cups inside each other doesn’t work for you, there is another option for storage in drawers. A great tip to keep in mind is that, just like we sometimes do, bras need their space!

Drawer dividers are a great addition to your bra storage. They separate bras and help them stand on their own vertically, thus keeping their form.

For a solution on a budget try using cardboard or old shoe boxes to keep everything nice and organized. Just remember, don’t cram them in together!

Bras stored in a drawer divider

How to Store Bras in Closet

A less frequently used method of bra storage is hanging them in your closet on hangers. This one is great if you have lots of extra closet space you want to make use of or don’t have ample drawer space to give your bras the space they need.

You should avoid hanging the bras by their straps, as this can cause premature stretching and damage on the straps. Instead, you should hang 3-4 bras by the center gore (between the cups) on the same hanger. Once again, this is another great way to be able to find a bra quick and easy.